Friday 1st February

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The joy and frustration of the democratic process created a roar of elation and despair from the children that measured over 100Db. We’ve been using a probe to measure temperature, light and sound levels in the classroom, so be assured readers, that’s an accurate figure, and we weren’t even discussing Brexit. The children took part in a democratic vote in which they were asked to complete a survey about their favourite choices of food, animal, lesson etc. Their opinions were collected and counted using Google Forms, but the decision of the majority was not as popular as expected. It turns out that our favourite colour is blue, our favourite movie is Frozen, and our favourite clothing is a dress! We learned that although democracy is a fair system, we don’t always get what we expect.

On Tuesday we began writing speeches to protest against plastic pollution. After days of researching, redrafting and refining, Thandeka, Cohen, Alliyah, Ethan, Harvey, Layth, Aaron, Aayah, Davina and Alana produced some superbly persuasive work. Next week, using the magic of green screen, the children will read their speeches to the House of Commons.

Our friends from Miss Edwards’ Reception class came to visit us this week. They told us about how they were planning to make the school a better place by solving the problem of litter.

It looks like this precious blue planet might be in safe hands in the future. Thank you Asonat for creating an image to illustrate how special and precious our world really is.

In our Maths lessons we have had a successful start in learning about proper and improper fractions, and, with some help from Layth, we were able to complete our previous topic by creating very precise line graphs.

Thank you Mrs Walker for giving us the chance to try sushi this week. Most of the class really enjoyed trying new foods but well done to Beltina for being honest enough to admit that she found chopsticks really hard to use, and that if she had to use them everyday she would probably end up starving.

We are really pleased that the number of children scoring 14/14 in the weekly spelling tests is increasing. The list of star spellers for this week is Faheem, Rewan, Enzo, Cohen, Zain, Alliyah, Beltina, Demi-Leigh and Leyana. Sumdog Superstars are Yunus and Hafsa, Lexia Legends are Zain, Tyreece and Davina, and our TT RockStar is also Davina.

Learners of the Week are Daisy, Harvey and Aayah. Daisy is flowering right now. Her persistence when tasks are tough, her resilience when things go wrong is a wonderfully beautiful example to us all. Well done to Harvey for showing determination to move forward with his learning. When he said he wanted his work to be perfect he made us immensely proud. Aayah has been chosen because she’s been challenging the established rules of maths. Apparently it is possible to give more than 100%. Somehow Aayah has been maintaining a positive attitude that should be impossible. Congratulations Aayah, you’ve scored 11 out of 10 for being wonderful.

Wk4 Homework 30.1.19

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

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