Friday 17th April

Hi everyone

Week 1 of our Arts Fortnight has been an amazing experience and far more rewarding and fulfilling than playing the online version.  Led by the imagination of our children, Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Lynch are guiding us along a fantastic journey of creativity and expression through language, art and dance.

On Monday we began to see things that we have looked at everyday but never really noticed. We spent time exploring the environment at the front of school and in Edward’s words we discovered “a kaleidoscope of colour”.  Inspired by the plants, trees, textures and tones in our grounds, the children made stencils to highlight and frame the natural beauty in our locality that is often overlooked.

Developing stamina when reading is a vitally important target for all pupils, as is the ability to summarise what they have read.  Y4MM worked on these targets on Tuesday when we used ‘Steve Dawson’ techniques to collect the key facts from texts about trees by putting aside unnecessary information.  We then created a Venn diagram to show similarities and differences between silver birch, rowan and hawthorn trees and in the afternoon the artist Andy Goldsworth was our inspiration when we made our own natural art creations using daisies, dandelions and long grasses.

The rich colours and textures of our natural world disappeared on Wednesday when we imagined where a black hole might take us. This provided a great opportunity for 4MM to use precise yet adventurous vocabulary by selecting powerful nouns, adjectives and verbs when sharing their thoughts and feelings.

On Thursday we explored feelings, images and landscapes in greater depth.  Our task was to choose an image from a range of pictures of the environment that resonated with how we felt. Once we had made our decision we had to describe how our choice symbolised and captured our thoughts and emotions.  We thought about what we could see, hear, feel and smell at the place to which we had been drawn.  During the afternoon session we used photosensitive paper to create wallpaper style prints by first designing a print on plain paper, and then reproducing it on special light sensitive paper. After waiting 5 minutes for the sun to work it’s magic, it was then placed it water for just 1 minute and then left to dry.  We started to experiment with creating simple patterns in a similar way to how wallpaper is designed.

Today we composed more sentences to describe how it feels to actually enter the black hole. Plenty of exceptionally strong writing has already been produced so after some editing and redrafting next week we are sure to have some incredibly compelling and powerful reading material for you.

Throughout this week, Mrs Lynch has been helping us to use choreography to interpret the ideas and feelings we have spoken, written and captured in our artwork.  We have a week to refine and rehearse but the dance sequences that she has helped us devise so far are already beautiful, creative, intriguing and completely captivating.

Thanks Mrs. J and Mrs. L.  You’ve found the essence of Y4MM.

Learner of the week is Mayako.  She has thrived on being given the time and space to collect her thoughts over the past few days.  She has shown depth in her thinking and strength in her vocabulary when she found the black hole.  Mayako felt ‘satisfied’ at first but then she was ‘hypnotised’ she talked about entering a world where only bad people went and they could only get out once they had redeemed themselves and became good once again.

Lexia Legend is Zain, Sumdog Superstar is Yunus, and our TT Rockstar is Gledia who became a Rock Legend on Sunday.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason  + Mr Moore

PS: The Woofer of the Week title goes to Elvis.  He’s had a really ruff time since his operation but this week he has made some pawsome progress.  Yesterday Elvis went to Roundhay Park and walked round the small lake using all four of his zoomers.  He met up with some of his pack who were quick assure him that he’s still king of the kennel.

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