Friday 12th July

Hi everyone

At the very start of the week, we helped Davina and Alliyah to do an Assembly about change and transition in which we gave encouraging advice about next year to everyone. We even got advice from the year 7s for the year 6s.

This week we made our Viking purses. First we made a purse out of paper. We had other resources to use as well such as; straws, paper clips, rubber bands, tissue paper, shiny paper and cardboard. We did this on Thursday. We also made a real purses out of denim. We needed to use a needle and thread but before we did this we had to learn how to stitch. We learnt the running stitch. Once we had done this we then did our real denim purses.

Today we went to St Barnabas’ church to celebrate the wonderful year 6s. Alliyah, Leyana, Mayako, Rewan and Layth read out prayers, and Davina and Faheem read out stories about some of miracles that Jesus performed. When we went to church, we sang these songs: this is amazing grace, this little light of mine, hosanna and Jesus you’re my superhero! On the way in and out we sang our god is a great big god. The year 6s were given a book and the year 6 dance troupe performed along with Mrs Lynch.

This week we won the Leeds Sumdog competition! 5 pupils from our class were in the top ten: Alana, Mayako, Hafsa, Tyreece, Harvey and Yunus! Lexia Legends are Rewan and Layth, Sumdog superstars are Yunus, Harvey and Hafsa. TTRockstars are Layth and Zain.

Our Learner of the Week is Leah because of her amazing resourcefulness, determination and creativity. Today she made an iMovie all about the Vikings independently! Well done Leah!

Have a great weekend everyone

Aayah and Annie

PS We have 3 Woofers of the Week for the first time ever! They are all good dogs.

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