Roman life in Britain

Today we had a very exciting visitor in to Y4, Matthew! He took us on a journey back to Saturnalia, a joyous day in the Roman calendar where the slaves were free for the day and Romans worshiped Saturn. The children became Romans and were based in Chester. At the Saturnalia celebrations, we had the town councillors (Curiales), who were only allowed to be men, the girls were rightly outraged that women could not hold such positions back then. We had market sellers, slaves on their day off, Roman shoppers and people enjoying their day off at the Roman baths. Children were able to fully understand and immerse themselves into life as a Roman. As the celebrations continued, it was time to worship Saturn in the temple. Children were introduced to 13 of the key Roman gods and made links to the Greek Gods. Here they understood that Romans would offer sacrifices to the Gods on this special day. To end our immersive afternoon, we finished with a series of gladiator battles in the arena. From animal fights to gladiators, we learnt that there were different types of fighters and focused today on the Retiarius, who carried a trident and a net, into battles.

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