Roman life in Britain

Today we had a very exciting visitor in to Y4, Matthew! He took us on a journey back to Saturnalia, a joyous day in the Roman calendar where the slaves were free for the day and Romans worshiped Saturn. The children became Romans and were based in Chester. At the Saturnalia celebrations, we had the town councillors (Curiales), who were only allowed to be men, the girls were rightly outraged that women could not hold such positions back then. We had market sellers, slaves on their day off, Roman shoppers and people enjoying their day off at the Roman baths. Children were able to fully understand and immerse themselves into life as a Roman. As the celebrations continued, it was time to worship Saturn in the temple. Children were introduced to 13 of the key Roman gods and made links to the Greek Gods. Here they understood that Romans would offer sacrifices to the Gods on this special day. To end our immersive afternoon, we finished with a series of gladiator battles in the arena. From animal fights to gladiators, we learnt that there were different types of fighters and focused today on the Retiarius, who carried a trident and a net, into battles.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs…

This week, as part of our learning on different perspectives, we have explored the wolf’s side of the story (that not many people know about). We have looked at the pigs version of events and also the wolf’s. We then conducted a debate about who really was to blame, was the wolf in the wrong or not? We had some passionate arguments where children were able to look at the story from both sides!

Here’s some pictures of our debate in action at the “4SM House of Commons”

The children will be able to articulate both sides of the story, so if you’ve never heard THE TRUE Story of the Three Little Pigs then, get yourself a cup of tea and allow your child to retell the story to you!

Voices in the Park

This half term we are looking at the theme “A Tale of Two Sides”. Not only does our focus book this week have two sides but it actually has 4 different perspectives of the same day of a walk in the park. We have been learning how to use our iPads this week, learning skills such as logging into our google accounts, accessing google classroom and uploading our learning onto the platform. We have even become photographers this week where we took photos of ourselves in our own “park” ensuring that we had shadows to mimic the Voice 3 illustrations from our focus book. Our artwork was directly related to our class novel, as we recreated images of ourselves and our chosen moods in the style of Anthony Brown, using pastel techniques. Children then used word hippo to find synonyms (words that mean the same) of their chosen emotion to create clines (see Romeesa’s below). They had to ensure the word was appropriate for that context by doing some additional research. Not only have we delved into the illustrations but we have also explored the variety of techniques used to help the reader understand the different emotions explored. We created an SPO to talk about how Anthony Browne has used specific techniques within his book. Take a look at Gia’s below! As you can see our week has been full of learning opportunities.

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