Friday 11th September

Hi Year 4

I knew it! Once again I’ve been given the best class in school. The children are kind, inquisitive and ready to have a lot of fun and to make a lot of progress.

They have learned many new skills this week that will really help us in their year ahead. Every child has an iPad which they use throughout their day in most of their lessons. As so much information and knowledge is online, it is vital that the children know how to use technology effectively and safely to help them learn.

We have used the iPads to read online books, to make and play spelling games, and to research and present information about Queen Elizabeth II. As so many children worked so well, it is hard to pick out individuals but I think Toby, Ben, Rose and Michelle may be offered jobs as iPad technicians quite soon.

I have been really pleased with how well the children understood what it takes to be a good learner. We talked about what we have to do to gain new knowledge and skills, and how we must show courage and resilience in order to move along on the learning journey.

Many children have shone brightly this week but my first Stars of the Week for the new school year are Nishta and Kershaun.

Nishta has worked hard in all lessons and her behaviour has been perfect. She has had a really positive and cheerful attitude in every minute of every day. Kershaun has also made a very good first impression in Year 4. He has concentrated on his work very well, he has been determined to show how mature and sensible he can be, and as always, he has been wonderfully polite.

Homework task sheets will be given out at our Parents Meeting but spellings will be provided on Monday for testing on Friday. We will be using our Google Classroom for many of the homework activities so please let me know if online access is a problem and I will try to help.

Our first few days have flown by. I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic year of learning and fun.

Be good, be safe and be here on Monday. Have a great weekend.

Mr Moore

2 thoughts on “Friday 11th September

  1. I have really enjoyed my first week in y4DM! I liked all of our lessons but my favourite was using piccolage to write Queen Elizabeth II.

    I am looking forward to my next week .

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