Friday 23rd October

Hi Year 4

It has been an incredibly busy week that I worried that we wouldn’t be able to finish for the holiday! Thank goodness we were able to get everything done in the end.

The Value that we have thought about this week is Creation. After a discussion about weapons of destruction we decided to make seed bombs – weapons of mass creation.Rose and Hadya were particularly brilliant at using clay to make pots which will fill with wildflower seeds.


After the holiday we will seal them and paint them. Finally, when the time is right, we will throw them, releasing the seeds and allow the sun and rain to work their magic.


I really enjoyed the Harvest celebration on Tuesday. It made me very proud to see that we have such generous parents and pupils. Your kindness will make a difference in many ways.

Today we celebrated Black History Month by learning about the story of when at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, three brave athletes stood together to demand Human Rights and freedom for everyone. When Tommie Smith, Peter Norman and John Carlos made their silent protest on the podium in Mexico I was only two years old. That may seem a long time ago to you but your reactions to the story showed me that you would all have been happy to stand alongside them if they were to make their Salute today.

Well done to everyone who has joined my Google Classroom. You constantly amaze me with how quickly you learn. Thanks so much to Zain, Alex and Ben who have been incredibly helpful by sharing their skills and knowledge with everyone. I’d also like to think Stella for her comments and contributions. Please make sure you see her photos of her visit to Pompocali and I’d also like to thank her for reminding everyone to spell carefully when posting comments. Look out for new assignments during the holidays – Google Classroom is always open.

Today we said goodbye to Michelle. She is moving to a school closer to her home. I have no doubt that she will be loved by her new classmates and teachers before she’s even finished her first day, and I know that our first day back won’t be quite the same without her. We enjoyed having the chance to share pizza and to spend time laughing (and crying) with her on her last day at ACE.





I hope the beads we gave to you will take away all your worries. Take care Michelle and keep in touch.


Everyone else, you know what to do ..

Be good, be safe and be here after the holiday

Mr Moore



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