Friday 6th November

Hello everyone
We’ve been learning about improving our writing this week by using adverbs in our sentences. After reading Chapter 6 of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe we imagined how each of the children must have felt. This afternoon the children wrote accounts of when they stepped through the wardrobe, pretending to be one of the characters from our class novel. Everyone was really keen to make progress and we had a lovely atmosphere in class. Ismail, Ayush and Cian impressed me greatly, and I was delighted by the effort shown by Alina, Briony, Hadya, Amir, Laaibah, Simrath and Subhaan. They all tried hard to apply what they had been taught about good quality writing.


I am pleased with the way the Seedbombs have turned out. Lots of care was taken to paint them carefully without causing too much havoc and mess. We finally filled them with seeds and sealed them. I am looking forward to them being detonated in the Spring.


My Star of the Week is Rose. I have been really impressed by her attitude and effort in all subjects. Mrs Carter has also commented on how hard she has worked. Well done Rose.

Next week we’ll be writing the start of our own journeys though the wardrobe, brushing up on our Spanish skills and learning more about perimeter in maths. We’ll also be studying changes of state in Science so perhaps we’ll be able to figure out why it’s been so foggy recently. Why not find out a few answers before Monday?

Have a great weekend
Mr Moore

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