Friday 13th November

Hi Year 4

Friday already! Monday seems like only a moment ago. Oh well, tempus fugit (as the Romans might say).

There has been more stunning story writing in our class this week. I was very pleased with how well so many children listened and learned from our writing lessons this week. Many children really tried to apply what they learned in their fantasy stories. Subhaan, Ayush, Alex, Stella, Nishta, Domantas, Malakhi and Megan impressed me, but Ben’s work was particularly amazing. It was packed with quality description, ambitious word choices, a good range of punctuation and fabulous phrases. He has a ‘writer’s voice’.

Mrs Carter has been teaching about how to find the area of rectangles, squares and compound shapes this week. Can you explain what area means and how is it different to perimeter? I’m sure that Zain, Alex, Ayush and Ismail can help you if you need advice.

In our Science lesson this week we proved that different substances and materials melt at different temperatures. We tested jelly, chocolate and butter. To make sure that the test was fair we made sure that we used the same amount of each substance, and we used a stopwatch to time how long it took for each one to melt.


Next week we will be learning about the water cycle. See what you can find out before we have our next Science lesson on Monday.

I have been meeting with parents this week to discuss pupils’ progress so far this year. It was good to be able to have so many positive things to say about so many children. I am looking forward to meeting more parents next week and sharing your successes and setting your targets for this year.

This week I found out quite a lot about Keshaun. He is a great Lego builder and a brilliant bench ball player. Both he and Amir showed great sorting intelligence in our PE lesson this week.


I’m glad to say that selecting Star of the Week was ridiculously difficult. Ben’s writing, Simrath’s helpfulness, Briony’s determination,  …. In the end I have chosen Jak and Nishta. Once again, Nishta has worked very hard on every task, always aiming for quality. She makes the classroom a better place that it could be. Jak has demonstrated great emotional strength this week. His resilience, positive attitude and sense of fun is something that we should all appreciate. I’m not the only one who’s proud of you Jak.


Busy week next week (as usual). Anti bullying, Takeover Day and we’d better start thinking about our Class Assembly which is rapidly approaching.

Have a great weekend

Be good, be safe and be here on Monday

Mr Moore


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