Friday 4th December

Hurray! The countdown to Christmas has started. We have opened the first 4 doors of our Advent calendar and we are busy learning the carols for the Christmas Service at St John’s Church.
Although we’ve been in quite a festive mood we’ve still been working really hard.

Thank you, or ‘gracias’ to Mrs Howard for teaching us about the Spanish names for the parts of the face and body. I know that I am learning a lot but I need to practise my Spanish much more. Please remember to test me now and again.

Well done to everyone for making me so proud in our Assembly on Wednesday. I think everyone played their part really well. I hope your families were impressed by how much you have learned and what you have achieved so far this year.

I was very pleased with the effort that so many children put into their Big Write this week.  We combined our Science knowledge and English skills to produce ‘diary of a water droplet’.  Megan produced her best writing so far this year, as did Domantas, Rayah Alina, Keshaun and Alex.
Today in our Big Write task, we wrote non-chronological reports about a sport. Stella, Amir, Domantas and Keshaun impressed me with how hard they concentrated. I know I will enjoy reading their work this weekend.
In our Maths lessons this week we have been learning about fractions. Why not do a bit of extra work to help you move along the Learning Line. We need to see more children showing that they want to take the ‘hero’s journey’. From next week I will be asking children to earn at least 500 points a week on their Mathletics account. I am convinced that regular online practise can help to make a huge impact on progress. He has earned over 5000 points this year and it has helped him to become the most confident mathematician in his group. Mrs Carter and I are very impressed by his effort and commitment to learning.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Science lesson this week. I smiled and laughed the whole way through it. The challenge was to make an electrical fan which could make a flag flutter or a feather fly. We had a lot of fun whilst adding to our scientific knowledge about circuits. Alex, Zain and Alina were a superb team. They worked cooperatively, respected each others’ ideas and opinions, and all contributed to the task.



Remember your PE kit next week. We have to work outside so you need to be warm. Miss Wright loved seeing Malakhi’s attitude, effort and ability in our lesson this week. Thank you for making her so happy Malakhi. You’ve earned yourself 5 dojos / house points. Do you know that cricket is my favourite sport? I’m looking forward to bowling to you next Thursday.

Bad news about the Roman Road project. Mr Walker has turned down our scheme – he already has plans for our outdoor area. He has told me that Jed is going to cover the marshy area with flagstones so I think we’re going to have to abandon this mission. Jed has kindly said that we can help him and it won’t stop us from using our pizza oven at our Christmas party even if we have to swim to it. Anyway, I’m sure we can still do some excavations, metal detecting and at least make some miniature Roman Roads next week.

The title of Stars of the Week goes to Hadya and Alex. In our recent reading tests Hadya showed that all that extra effort has been worthwhile – she has made huge progress, Alex always impresses in Maths lessons but his English and Science work has also been of the highest quality this week. Well done to both of you. I am glad to be your teacher.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Birthday Laila.

Be good, be safe and be here on Monday.

Mr Moore

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