Friday 11th December

Hi Year 4,

What a week! Even though I was poorly for two days we still managed to produce plenty of excellent work and have a lot of fun.

On Monday we redrafted our non-chronological reports and tried to improve them by responding to my feedback. I was delighted by the efforts of Simrath, Nishta, Zain, Jack H, Amir, Ben, Malakhi and Alina. Alex really pleased me with the way in which he was able to describe the complicated rules of cricket so clearly.

Hanukkah is being celebrated this week by Jewish people all over the world. We found out the story of Judah Maccabee and the miracle of the oil lamp. Once we were able to tell the story we used role play to act it out.


On Tuesday we began to dig out the route for our Roman road. It was a wonderful morning. Everyone worked so hard and it felt like I was in charge of a really great team. There was huge excitement, not just over the worms, but when the metal detecting group discovered ‘treasure’ (a pound coin chopped in half, a piece of foil, a metal cog and 5p). They may not be Roman artefacts but it was still a great moment of discovery and wonder.

We finished our Science work on circuits with a festive challenge. I asked the children to make a Christmas with lights. After more than a little hesitation, they leapt into ‘the pit’ and by the end of the afternoon we had some beautiful and functioning Christmas trees. Hadya, Laaibah and Nishta made a great team, and Alex, Alina and Zain worked as productively and effectively as ever.

Speaking of Science, thank you Jak for bringing in your Lego model. I’m delighted that you showed how important it is to share at home what you learn school. By the way Jak, I’ve been really impressed by how hard you’ve been working on improving your handwriting.

It was great to hear about how Ayush is getting on in India. I think it is wonderful that he is still visiting and contributing to our Google Classroom even though he is on the other side of the world. When I was your age … I’m not going to explain. It makes me feel too old. Anyway, just make sure you ask Ayush some questions before he comes back. Don’t miss out the chance to learn from our top overseas reporter.

Screen shot 2015-12-10 at 18.08.19

Thank goodness that I was well enough to be back into school today. Being ill is no fun, but I felt even worse knowing that I was letting you and some of the teachers down by not being there. Everyone was really helpful and thoughtful his morning and you gave me the best medicine any teacher could have by being a class that I am immensely proud of.

Miss Judge came to see us write our recounts of the Shepherd’s story. She noticed how well Domantas, Zain and Nishta worked and mentioned it in Gold Book Assembly (more of which later). Cian is unable to write as he has a cast on his hand so I was pleased that he was able to learn how to make the iPad type his ideas for him. I think Keshaun and Amir had a battle to see who could write most! The best quality work will be read out next week as part of our Christmas Service at St John’s Church. Simrath, Caitlyn, Rose, Cian, Alex, Ben and Ismail have all made it hard to decide which recount should be shared.

This afternoon was a great way to finish a hard but special week. Well done to those of you that managed to ‘photoshop’ your head onto the Roman emperor image. Ben, Alex, Domantas and Nishta showed great Computing skills but I’m quite glad that they don’t actually rule the world yet. However, Zain should probably be given the job tomorrow or sooner.

Emperor Zain

News update: our Roman road is now a Roman canal. I laughed so much when I saw what had happened when I returned to school today. Our excavations have been completely flooded. I am surprised that ducks hadn’t made it their home yet. I was reminded that if you try to make plans sometimes Nature/God will laugh at you and remind you just who is actually in charge. Anyway, I think I mentioned in last week’s blog that we might have to swim to the pizza oven. It looks like I’ll have to find my snorkel and flippers. Photos to follow.

My choices for Gold Book were Domantas, Zain and Nishta. Putting it simply; be as disciplined and determined as Domantas, as positive as Nishta and aim for excellence in every lesson like Zain.

Stars of the Week are Amir and Alina. They have been impressing me for a long time now with their attitudes. They are quietly working to make progress in every lesson and are choosing to give their very best without having to be reminded. I am very proud of the way you are working and behaving.

Next week will fly by if we are not careful. On Monday we must make sure that we have practised our carols and reading for the Christmas service to perfection. If you want me to sit with you during Christmas dinner then you’d better show me superb table manners, especially as we’ll be cooking and eating Roman food on Wednesday and Thursday during or Roman inspired party.

On Friday we will finish the week with our annual Christingle service and Christmas will be upon us.

Have a wonderful weekend

Be good, be safe and be here on Monday.

Mr Moore

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