Friday 15th January

Hi Y4

Monday was Haiku
It’s poetry from Japan
It is hard to write

Each verse is three lines
Make sure you count syllables
Five, seven then five

Well done to the whole class for managing to express their ideas despite such strict rules. The children wrote poems about a subject of their choice but also wrote haiku on the theme of ‘Thankfulness’. We watched a video to remind us what we have to be thankful for and then the children applied their knowledge of haiku to share their thoughts.


Superb effort Simrath but can you spot two spelling mistakes?

We also learned about a form of poetry called Kennings. Some of the children’s work described their personalities perfectly. Simrath’s was particularly good but I wish she’d included ‘brilliant writer’ and ‘teacher pleaser’ in her poem. She is a great example to everyone.

As part of our History lesson we learned about what happened when King Vortigern asked for help from the Anglo Saxons to stop the Scots and Picts from invading Britain. It didn’t quite work out as he had planned. Amazingly good first person accounts from Alex, Ben, Stella, Jack, Jak, Malakhi and Aleah.

I really enjoyed working with the children on our problem solving task in Maths this week. They were asked to place 18 counters in a 4 by 6 grid so that the total of the counters in each row and column was on even number. It was a very difficult problem and I was particularly pleased that Hadya and Briony solved the problem faster than most of the rest of the class. Determination and teamwork can take you a very long way.

Thank you to Zain and Ben who keep producing extra homework by following up things that we have learned in class. Zain, Alex and Ben have been composing their own music and Ben has been creating art by using internet apps. Keep working hard guys. This kind of effort pays off; sometimes in more ways than you expect.

Once again, choosing Star of the Week has been very difficult but I have decided on Jack and Ben. More and more I am noticing how much Jack contributes to our class and how hard he has been working. As soon as he had learned about ‘if/then’ sentences he was trying to use them in his creative writing. He is helpful, really well behaved and best of all he is always aiming to do better with his work. I have chosen Ben because of his enthusiasm for learning. He is achieving very highly in all subjects but he always wants to make more progress.

I have given out the new homework books today. Please complete page 4. Books must be returned before Thursday every week. We have spent a lot of money on them so please make sure that you look after your book. Sorry but replacements must be paid for.

This week I have been really pleased with what other teachers have had to say about the children in my class. Mrs Carter, Mrs Whiteley and Miss Judge have all noticed that Y4 DM have become much calmer, more focused and generally more mature. It makes me very proud when my class impresses other teachers. Here’s a new target – let’s not just impress them, let’s make them jealous.

Have a great weekend

Be good, be safe and be here on Monday

Mr Moore

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