Friday 29th January

Hi Year 4

This week has been full of learning and laughter. I came back from my course on Monday full of enthusiasm and with many old and new ideas that I’ll be using in our lessons in the future.

We have continued to work on poetry in our English lessons. As well as writing calligrams with Miss Linsley, we studied some of the poems of Eleanor Farjeon which we edited and ‘up-levelled’. I was very pleased with Subhaan’s work which included some excellent adverbial phrases.

“The impatient bolting waves smash upon the silent shores.”

Jak and Malakhi also impressed me with their vocabulary choices and effort. Although Aleah found this task difficult, she didn’t give up and worked all the way through Golden Time to complete the task. She has started her journey on developing a positive mindset and for this reason she is one of my Stars of the Week. I have also chosen Malakhi. He has been trying really hard to contribute to our lessons and he has been really focused on making progress.

Mrs Carter has been telling me about some excellent work that has been happening in her maths lessons. Ayush and Ismail have demonstrated really clever thinking when working on problem solving tasks involving fractions. Next week I’m pretty sure that I’ll see even more effort as one of my lessons will involve splitting a chocolate bar into fractions.

Our Science lesson made me think. We looked at the range of human hearing and compared it to the ability of different animals. I was shocked to find out that cows have better hearing than people, and that if you sing to a little brown bat in a very deep voice it probably won’t hear a thing.

Some of the most important lessons that I teach are those about ‘values’. This week our theme was ‘wisdom’. The children created QR codes from carefully chosen quotes and printed them out for us to spread around school. My stealthy secretive squad (Alina and Nishta) then sneaked around the building sticking up the QR codes in different rooms. Despite being caught in Mrs Stott’s room by Mrs Arthur, they very cleverly talked their way out of trouble and managed to persuade her to become part of our secret plan to spread wise words. Well done girls! I don’t think I’ve laughed so much this year (apart from when Cian emailed me to tell me he’d deleted himself – but that’s another story).
I was delighted by how easily so any children were able to notice common thinking in the Jewish / Christian and Muslim story of creation. I think it’s important that our children recognise we are all connected in more ways than we sometimes appreciate.

The Buddha
Have a great weekend

Mr Moore

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