Friday 12th February

Hi Year 4
Uh oh. It’s the holiday! We don’t have time for this! We have so much more to learn. Actually the main reason that I want to carry on is that I’m having so much fun I don’t want it to stop.
My class have now achieved 100% attendance for the last two weeks, so I guess my pupils are enjoying school too.

This is the time of year when children really ‘take off’ and this year is no exception. Everyone is incredibly motivated and focused on achieving and succeeding. There is definitely a positive mindset in class. I am once again really proud of Aleah for showing that she is willing to leap into the ‘pit’. She has accepted and overcome some difficult challenges this week. I think she’s starting to believe me when I say that she is capable of achieving whatever wants.

One of the things that has pleased me the most this week has been the attitude of my class towards learning and towards each other. Everyone achieved their Reading Eggspress target of 300+ eggs this week, and some children earned well over 1000. I called Mrs Johnston into one of my Guided Reading lessons this week so she could see how some of my class had organised themselves into a group and were all using their iPads to share and read a book together.

We have been celebrating Maths Week through the theme of Alice in Numberland. Alice’s incredible story has given us the chance to explore lots of different mathematical themes including time telling, shape and sorting data.
I had planned to ask the children to make four different types of triangles using art straws but somehow or other the plan changed. The children rolled up newspaper instead and worked in teams to tackle the challenge.
IMG_0582 IMG_0583
We finished up by setting fire to our work, which might seem a bit odd but it was a cold day and the great ‘conflagration’ gave us the chance to reinforce our Science knowledge about combustion. We had some really interesting and significant conversations aboutscientific concepts and about life and death. There was a very special moment when I caught a piece of newspaper ash, we read the charred text, and then before the children’s eyes it decayed into nothingness. Whatever it actually said, the message was clear – appreciate every moment.


On Thursday morning we met up with Mrs Akhtar’s Year 1 class to play Maths games in the hall. Everyone in Year 4 acted like the most wonderful big brother or sister and we all had a lot of fun.


My Stars of the Week are Ben and Laaibah. Ben has been a Star before but his exceptional effort in all subjects and his helpfulness and expertise when we have problems with any kind of computers gave me no option but to choose him again. I have also chosen Laaibah for my Star of the Week. She has been putting lots of effort into all her work at school, and she has impressed Mrs Bentley as well by how hard she has been studying at home to learn times tables facts.

Special thanks to Nishta and Simrath who have been amazingly keen to help all their teachers with all the jobs that need doing throughout the whole term. Their kindness is really appreciated.

Make sure you keep working on times tables facts, and complete the pages I have circled in the contents age of your English homework books. Don’t forget that you can add extra homework to the assignments on our Google classroom during the holidays.

Take care and let’s keep being 100% next term in every way possible.

Mr Moore

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  1. It looks like year 4 has had a fun week. I hope everyone enjoyed the maths games and there was probably not too much chaos. The DT looked amazing at I hope you enjoyed that too. Remember to work hard year 4 and enjoy school

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