Friday 11th March

Hi Year 4
Another whirlwind of a week has blown through Y4DM. If you are not tired then you can’t have worked hard enough. I’m shattered. I feel like we’ve been on a journey to Asgard. Actually, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We have been preparing for the next part of our Viking drama lesson with Ruth by planning, freeze framing and writing about our quest to the home of the King gods. As part of our punishment for deserting Sigurd we have to collect a golden apple of immortality from Iduna, a piece of wood that has come from an oak tree that Thor has felled, and finally, a blessing from Freyr. Rayah, Nishta, Simrath, Subaan, Caitlyn and Ismail and many others have impressed me their ideas or acting skills.

Our journey to Asgard began with writing about the perils we faced when traveling through the land of the Ice Giants.

‘Imagine a place where every time you hear the smallest noise you think it is a dreaded Frost Giant, where whenever you cook food it just freezes again, well that place is Juttenheim, the horrible land that I went to.’

Effort and progress was also shown very clearly in the writing of Laila, Aleah, Alina, Ismail, Subhaan, Briony, Zain, Ayush, Hadya and Cian. I’m looking forward to continuing our quest next week.

We celebrated Fair Trade Fortnight by decorating banana muffins and writing recipes. Our recipes don’t use the usual ingredients as you can see in the photos.

Recipe for Fair Trade Muffins (Friday March 11, 2016 2_10 pm, GMT)Recipe for Fair Trade Muffins (Friday March 11, 2016 2_12 pm, GMT)

King Alfred and King Athelstan were the focus for our historical enquiry (and inquiry!) this week. We learned about how they stood up to the Vikings and found out why Alfred was so ‘Great’!

Next week is going to be busy. On Monday Ruth from the Blahs will be here, on Tuesday we will be visiting Leeds Beckett University, on Wednesday and Thursday it is Parents Evening. We will also be celebrating Science week with lots of investigations and experiments.

Have a good weekend

Mr Moore

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