Thursday 24th March

Hi Year 4
We have tried hard to fit five days into four this week but it just didn’t work. At the end of school today we still had so much more to do and learn.

The week began with a visit to the Star Dome. As part of our Science celebrations learned about the stars and planets by watching a projection from the inside of a mobile planetarium. Thank you Miss Judge for organising this. She may have helped to inspire a new generation of astronauts.
We continued our Science studies by learning about different types of teeth, and next week we will be finding out about why teeth decay. Please do some research and bring some extra knowledge to our lesson next week.

On Tuesday Y4 began work on making Viking purses. We used the internet to look at different designs and the children practised their sewing skills. Hadya could be a surgeon, Megan and Toby really impressed me and Aleah made excellent progress despite initially feeling like she was ‘in the pit’.

In Wednesday’s Literacy lesson we studied a poem by Rudyard Kipling to find out about Danegeld and we found out why King Ethelred was called ‘the Unready’. I’m not sure I would’ve been ready to be king at the age of 7, in fact, I’m probably still not quite ready.

Today we met a Viking visitor who helped to bring to life all that we have learned so far. He brought with him all sorts of artefacts and amazing objects along with an incredible amount of knowledge. I was really pleased with how many questions that we were able to answer but I was delighted that we learned so much more. Special thanks to Stella for giving our visitor the challenge of translating her message written in a Runic alphabet.


We also found time to answer the difficult question of why Christians call tomorrow Good Friday when it is the day that he was killed. I was delighted by the responses that were given in discussion and in writing. Malakhi, Jak, Nishta and Ben amazed me with their wisdom and understanding.

Megan is the Star of the Week. Her attitude and effort has really pleased me. Everyone has noticed how hard she has been trying to do her best in all lessons and to focus on learning and progress.
Happy holiday to Ismail who is going to the UAE (don’t worry, he’s coming back soon), but I’m expecting everyone else to be back in school on Tuesday, ready for another brilliant week.

Be safe, eat some chocolate and be grateful.

Mr Moore

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