Tuesday 19th April

Today we began the day by finding out about flotsam. We found out what flotsam is, where it comes from and what people do with it.

Dictionaries and discussion were used to discover, define and decide upon the meaning of the word flotsam.


By watching a video about Texel Island in the Netherlands we found out facts about a few fortunate folks who fritter away their time foraging for flotsam. The life of a beachcomber looks like a lot of laughs.

Midway through the morning session we went to the Hall another expressive dance lesson. Working in groups, the children planned a sequence of movements to show objects being retrieved from water. Once again Mrs Johnson was very pleased with the thoughtful and keen response given by Y4.


From a selection of flotsam that had washed up in Mrs Johnston’s classroom, the children selected an object, examined it carefully and then recorded facts about its size, shape, colour and texture. Next, they had to write a clear description of their object. Jack, Jack and Jac did very well, as did Ben, Domantas and Stella.

After lunch, Mrs Johnston produced a magical art lesson for Y4. Incredible progress was made with observational drawing skills and fantastic images were created. Mrs Taylor sneaked a peek at the children at work and was enchanted by what she saw. I think she wanted to join in.

Star of the Day is Domantas. He showed a real desire to learn and make progress in every lesson. He asked for help when he needed it, when he was stuck he didn’t give up, he listened really well and he did his best in all tasks. 5 dojos/house points.

Tomorrow we will start work on the animation and computer graphics part of our project.

Hope you’ll show up on our shores in the morning.

Mr Moore

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