Wednesday 20th April

Today we had to manage without Mrs Johnston and Mrs Johnson as they were busy training and learning with the other teachers. I hope they had as much fun as we did.

Alina will be pleased that we have come to the end of our work about the digestive system. We’ll have to find another way to make her squirm. We compared the digestive systems of cows, birds and humans, and discovered many similarities and many differences. Most children were able to explain why we have different digestive systems but if you don’t know please ask!

I think Mrs Johnston will be pleased to see the art that we produced today. The children learned to use a graphics program to create an undersea picture. The software is incredibly complex and difficult to master (it is usually used by High School and University students), but of course my class managed to learn how to use it very quickly. I have to admit though that I am lucky to have such a great Computing support team. Thanks to Alex, Ben, Zain and Ayush for giving help when it was needed but you will face another challenge tomorrow – teach Mrs Johnston how to use it.


During part of the afternoon session we tried out some of the art skills that we may need next week. The children used pieces of torn paper and PVA glue to create a picture of the sea. They combined different tones, textures and shapes and got very, very sticky. Thank you to Laila, Simrath, Laaibah, Hadya, Briony and Aleah for helping to control the mess.

Star of the Day is Cian. I have been delighted by his attitude, effort and behaviour. He has made a great start to this term.

Tomorrow we are back with Mrs Johnston. Animation, artistry and achievement ahead.

See you tomorrow

Mr Moore

19 thoughts on “Wednesday 20th April

  1. Thank you for the appreciation I really enjoyed working on our GIMP project and I hope everybody else did too. As well as that I look forward to today’s project using stop motion, backgrounds and recording today.

  2. Cian should be really proud of himself as he doesn’t usually get chosen as star of the day or star of the week! I’m glad he has come back with a good attitude.

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