Monday 25th April

Hi everyone

It took a while for the class to wake up this morning. Perhaps we’ve been having too many dreams about flotsam and jetsam.

After a spelling challenge from Mrs Johnston we began to explore why people write and send messages in bottles. This led us into thinking what we would want to share about us with others. Some children moved on from providing just information to sharing their thoughts, viewpoints and beliefs. Alina has already impressed Mrs Johnston, but tomorrow everyone will review and improve their work and show Mrs J what Y4 DM can really do.

We have reached a critical stage in our dance work. Although my class have produced some beautifully expressive work, Mrs Johnson has the extremely difficult task of merging their dances with those of Miss Nicholson’s class for the performance to parents on Friday. I’m sure the classes will complement and hopefully compliment each other.

Mrs Johnston taught us about complementary colours this afternoon, and by looking at the work of Patrick Caulfield we also learned a lot about observational drawing, perspective and scale. The children explored these subjects through line drawing, painting, and by using chalk to experiment with drawing on a large scale.

Thank you to those pupils who helped me to get started with the animation project today. So far we have captured 35 seconds. Only 2 minutes 25 to go. I think we’ll need to work a bit more quickly! I’m no Walt Disney but I think it looks good so far though. Tomorrow we will need to add a fish and ships to our animation, and possibly a desert island. Fish, chips and dessert? Sounds like a menu.

I have chosen Jack H to be Star of the Day. He has been contributing really well to both our physical and virtual classrooms. Jack is sharing his ideas and thoughts much more, which makes me happy because they are always interesting and kind.

Please remember to bring waterproof footwear and clothes to school in the morning. Although the weather forecast isn’t great, we will be visiting Meanwood Park and finding out just how waterproof Y4 children and GoPro cameras really are. More importantly, we will launch a message in a bottle, so we better make sure we have something good to say. I’m sure Mrs Johnston can help.

Cian, Rayah and Stella were absent today so I hope that someone can let them know what’s happening tomorrow. Come on ‘connected generation’ – share the news!

By the way, Elvis has just heard that we’re going to Meanwood tomorrow without him. He’s not very happy about it. It’s one of his favourite places and he doesn’t know why he can’t come with us. Perhaps next time.

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