Wednesday 27th April

Seeing the children interested and excited about their work is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Mrs Johnston’s amazing art ability has transmitted itself to everyone in Y4 and levels of confidence and skill in drawing and painting have grown and risen rapidly. Works of great beauty have been created from flotsam and jetsam.

Today both Y4 classes came together in our dance lesson with Mrs Johnson. Although the classes have very different identities they worked wonderfully together. Megan was particularly brilliant in her crucial role of providing the transition between the two Y4 dances.

The children wrote stories and recounts this afternoon. No … what I meant was, they wrote superb stories and remarkable recounts. Both Mrs Johnson and I were delighted by what the children produced and also by the atmosphere in our classrooms. A fly on the wall would have seen every child trying incredibly hard to write with imagination, passion and with determination to make a good impression. I’m delighted to say that everyone succeeded

Star of the Day is Zain. Over the past fortnight he has found some of the tasks quite challenging but he has met every obstacle with an attitude of quiet determination. He is a great role model for everyone in Y4.

Mr Moore


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 27th April

  1. It was such a privilege to work alongside the girls this afternoon. Their ideas, questions and want to independently continue our shared write revealed such imaginations, a wonderful sense of humour (Rose and Nishta) as well as brilliant vocabulary choices.
    Thank you,
    Mrs J

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