Friday 29th April

Hi Year 4

Thank you to everyone for performing so wonderfully during our celebration afternoon: the dance sequence looked amazing and I really enjoyed sharing all the brilliant art, writing and multimedia work. How wonderful it was to see children the teaching the adults and explaining to them why our school is ACE.

We are all very grateful to Mrs Johnston and Mrs Johnson for giving us a magical fortnight of imagination, creation and achievement. We learned so much and developed skills, values and attitudes that will stay with us forever.

It has been incredibly hard to choose, but Alex has to be one of the Stars of the Day. The enthusiastic way in which he shared his work with his mum and grandparents was wonderful to see. His voracious appetite for learning computing skills pleases me, but more satisfying has been the way in which he has been prepared to ‘go again’ and improve in areas of the curriculum where he feels less confident. I have also chosen Laila to be my second Star of the Day. I have seen a tremendous growth in her self confidence in a very short space of time. Mrs Johnston has worked her magic once again.

Thank you as well to Ben, Amir and all the other children who helped to share the story of our ‘Flotsam Fortnight’ by talking to, and teaching our visitors about how and why we produced our work.

Tonight I’ll be packing messages into bottles and tomorrow they’ll be launched into the sea. Whoever is lucky enough to find our fabulous flotsam is very fortunate.

Today was a great birthday present. Seeing the excitement and energy in my pupils made me feel a lot younger that I really am. How fitting that the weather should be so unusual and so beautiful today – it represented my class perfectly.

Sometimes it snows in April.

Mr Moore

2 thoughts on “Friday 29th April

  1. Hi
    My name is Sue Callaghan, I’m headteacher at Christ Church Primary School in Denshaw, Oldham. One of our pupils- Harvey found your bottle in Scotland over the weekend and has brought it into school. He is in a mixed Y3/4 class, so they are currently reading the messages. I’m sure the class will want to reply…. possibly through Royal Mail rather than in a bottle!

  2. during two mad weeks of learning about flotsam.

    Flotsam is something that washes up on the sea like cargo from a cargo ship it can be a bottle or a toy or brush sometimes it can be a crashed helicopter.

    We also learnt about an artist called Michael Craig Martin he uses every day items like globes light bulbs toy cars dolls action figures the class was astonished about how he positioned the objects and made them smaller and made them bigger we found out he liked to use complementary colours complementary colours are the opposite of each other like red green.

    We also used an app called gimp to make under water pictures I liked it mostly because you let your imagination free.It took me many times to get it right thanks to Cian Zain Ben and Alex.We also did dance me Cian and Alex were dancers that discovered the chest and bottle with message inside and the tasseld wobbegong shark.We all I felt shy mostly because my shoes and socks had to be off which im not a big fan of when we done the final show I felt glad that it was over.

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