Friday 6th May


Hi Year 4

What an exciting way to end the week! We’ve had a reply to our message in a bottle. Whist the children were blogging about our Flotsam Fortnight, a comment appeared on the dashboard of my class blog. The Headteacher of Christ Church Primary School in Oldham wrote to let us know that one of the children in her school had found our bottle whilst on holiday in Scotland. Perhaps it didn’t travel far, but I think it is wonderful that someone has learned about ACE in such a special way. What a blessing it is to be a teacher on days like these.


My name is Sue Callaghan, I’m Headteacher at Christ Church Primary School in Denshaw, Oldham. One of our pupils- Harvey found your bottle in Scotland over the weekend and has brought it into school. He is in a mixed Y3/4 class, so they are currently reading the messages. I’m sure the class will want to reply…. possibly through Royal Mail rather than in a bottle!

I should’ve known it would be a strange week when on Wednesday we found a bicycle frame in the brambles on the edge of the field. Perhaps the task of combing the school grounds for flotsam was a little odd, but nevertheless, no one expected to make such strange discoveries. Inspired by our 2 weeks with Mrs Johnston, and my visit to a beachcomber’s garden in Scotland, the children worked in groups to create sculptures using what they had foraged.


Jack H, Alex and Cian along with many others showed that they understood the value that we thought about this week: reverence.


Star of the Week is Aleah. How much more confident she has become is simply amazing. Her writing showed so much progress today that I just had to send her to share it with Mrs Johnston. When Mrs J greeted her by saying ‘Hey blondie’, I knew where the source of her new found self-belief had come from.

Rayah should also be incredibly proud of herself. I could choose her to be a Star every single week for her attitude, effort, achievements and her contributions to making every day a day to smile.

As well as Mrs J, we’ve all been missing another ‘blondie’ this week: Mrs Carter. Fortunately she has given Y4 such a love of maths and the motivation needed to make progress that it has been a pleasure to take over her lessons whilst she works her maths magic in Y5.

Remember our seed bombs? This week we exploded our weapons of mass creation. Well actually, we threw the clay pots we’d made to the ground, smashing, breaking, scattering and sowing flower seeds all over the school grounds.


I think we’ve lived up to our motto this week.

Working towards the more beautiful world that we know is possible.

Mr Moore

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  1. What an exciting week. I knew something special must have happened to make Mr Moore smile! It’s great to hear that you are working so hard in maths. Make sure you continue showing Mr Moore just how clever you can be. I am missing you all so remember I am only a door away!

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