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  1. Having two weeks with Mrs Johnston and Johnson was great fun we had a chance to be creative . Painting was difficult and learning about complimentary was even harder. At first I didn’t but a day later I did . Our project was flotsam . We did an animation and every thing to do with art. We even did a show for the parents to see.

    We even went on a trip to Meanwood park and saw 2 deer but the girls except Megan moaned and cried .After that we drew some bottles on a piece of paper. The bottles were placed on a piece of wood . At one point we wrote a message .

    We even put finger prints on paper and made things from them and made objects and animals .One day we wrote a recount and MrMoore was impressed .

    In the end I was proud of myself .

  2. In the past two weeks we have been learning about flotsam and jetsam.

    Flotsam is a valuable things that wash up on shore. Texel is the place the current takes the flotsam to and washes up on shore. Things that washes up on shore:




    Glass and even helicopters. Surprisingly ships wash up on shore.

    Dancing around the hall is not my type of fun. But it was pretty fun showing it to the parents I guess. 4DM learned about beach combing. A beachcomber is someone who collects valuable things of a beach. I really enjoyed it because we all learned very much about flotsam and jetsam and art.

    It was awesome in you’re class Mrs J thank you so much.

    Imagine a place where art is all over the walls, where flotsam is on tables, where learning is everywhere; that is the class room I went to.

    Thank you Mrs J

    We all really enjoyed it.

    From jack H

  3. Thursday 5th may
    During the last two weeks we have been doing some painting from Michale Craig Martin,we payed a visit to Meanwood park and also we learned about Flotsam and did some bottle photos.
    Our trip to Meanwood park was scary, scary because the briges was going to break and the mud was just disgusting.
    Flotsam is what people drop on the beach and then get washed up and get put in museums and houses. These are examples of flotsam- tops toys litter and others.
    I think I have enjoyed the last two weeks except for the trip.

  4. The wonderful fortnight was fabulous we were learning about flotsam and jetsam and we were also learning about an artist called Michael Craig Martin.

    At first I was a little worried as I wasn’t good at art but I started good when we started with sorting lots of flotsam I had to work with the girls but I was getting along with them we worked brilliantly together.

    after that we did some fingerprints and drew some pictures and edited other peoples to make a picture and we drew a realistic eye?!

  5. Being with Mrs Johnson was fun. It was fun making a routine and showing it to parents. Learning about Michael Craig Martin and his incredible art work what we was learning about.However it was challenging to draw flotsam.I enjoyed both of them.we worked on animation about a bottle travelling in the river. Learning about flotsam is fun. We went to Meanwood park to throw a bottle in the lake. The moaning girls were crying about a bridge and saying it is alive. Some of us almost sunk in mud that’s how deep it was.There were so much hailstones and it was so cold it was like -99 degrees out there so I said I’m never going back there again until its summer. I really liked it when Jack threw the bottle in the river and I thought to my self I wonder where it will go next. Then the boys went up Muddy Everest and the girls went back to school and wrote about Meanwood park. I almost fell in the muddy swamp but luckily mr Moore saved my life. I was sinking in the muddy, muddy wet stuff. And mr Moore was causing chaos like he all ways does. Finally the boys made it to the top of the Muddy Everest and they took a photo and came back to school.

  6. Up until two weeks ago, our class was working with Mrs Johnston and Mrs Johnsen. We had great fun in the flotsam dance yet she made us do it in bare feet but I wore shoes.

    We also did art based on Michael Craig Martin. We explored tinted and shaded colours.

    Mr. Moore taught us how to use an app called ‘GIMP’; it’s like photo shop but free. We made an under water picture that looks realistic. We went on a trip to meanwood park. When Mrs. Girt parked the mini-bus, she parked next to a horse field and Alina was horrorfied.

  7. When I first had the idea for our bottle drawing I was worried that I would do it wrong but I practiced and practiced for the first and second try.

    For the 3rd round I got it right because I practiced and practiced. I found it hard to control it made my eyes cry.

    I really enjoyed art because I like creating. Art makes you powerful.

  8. Flotsam Fortnight

    In the last two weeks I found a lot of activitys challenging but I somehow enjoyed them especially when we were using Gimp to make undersea pictures.

    On our trip to Meanwood park most of the girls were scared they were going to fall in the river. It was very muddy but I didn’t mind even though I was wearing my P.E. shoes.

    All of the girls and Mrs. Johnston wrote a story about a bottle’s journey to another island. We also made up a new word: ‘SPOOSH’ it’s another word for SPLASH.

    At the end of our two weeks we worked with the other Year 4 class to do a performance of our dance that we did with Mrs. Johnson. We also had a exhibition for parents and we showed off our work and said happy birthday to Mr.Moore. I enjoyed all of the lessons fun even though I got stuck in the pit sometimes.

  9. Flotsam Fortnight

    Working with both Mrs Johns(t)ons is what we did during our flotsam fortnight. ‘Flotsam something that floats where someone can find it and be astonished’ is what author of the book called flotsam , David Weisner, said.

    Michael Craig Martin inspired us for the art part of our project using complementary colours, tints, shades and secondary colours. I found this challenging but I persevered.

    When we photoshopped the bottle on the beach photos , I found it hard as it was tough to find the correct filter for the job.

    When we ventured to Meanwood Park to throw a message in a bottle into the river, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

    I enjoyed writing a recount of the trip as much as I enjoyed the trip itself.

    Overall, I would give our flotsam fortnight a rating of 10/10!

  10. Up until two weeks ago,we started a new project.At first we didn’t know what the project was.Working with Mrs Johnston has been a big change.And it’s called Flotsam Fortnight.

    Painting in the past two weeks has been difficult.I found it challenging to draw the flotsam,however I kept trying and made it,successfully in the end.Our artwork has been inspired by Michael Craig Martin.

    Our Meawood park visit was a big sucess ,but we experienced all kinds of weather ,hail,rain and sun

    Our flotsam knowledge has spread like an exploding volcanic,vicious volcano.

    Animating has been a big part of our project.We tried animating with a program
    called GIMP 2.8.We also tried using the iPads to animate a bottles journey.

    Dancing in bare feet has been embarrassing ,because we did it in front of our parents.

  11. During the two weeks ago we painted some rings in all sorts of colours I found the Docmentary challenging. We also went to Meanwood park. It was very muddy. We saw two horses and we stroked them.

    We did lots of art based on Michael Craig Martin. We explored all of the colours.

    Every play time we stayed in the hall because we stay and to dance with Mrs. Johnson our parents are going to watch so we had to practice.

    We were doing flotsam and jetsam it means a lot of things has washed away on the sea shore.

    I liked working with Mrs Johnson and Mrs. Johnston.

  12. About 2w eeks ago we had miss Jonston and it was not how I expected cause we were doing painting,sketching,drawing. After we had dance instead of play. I didn’t really like it because I want to play with my friends but I went with it cause I didn’t really mind.

    The animation was the best of them all but there’s still some more to come case here comes Meanwood park and Mr Moore was being the most onoying teacher of them all because that is what he does.

  13. Two weeks ago we were all with Mrs.Johnston the whole of year 4dm was. What we we’re doing with Mrs .J was we did loads of work let me explain one. One off the things we did is art. I love art it helps you learn to get better at it. At first I wasn’t confident with it. When I learn I don’t know it straight away I need to practice and practice you all know practice makes perfect if I learn how to do it then I’ll know how to do it but I will need a bit of help some times.

    Art is fun being with Mrs Johnston because it is creative and makes your brain powerful.

  14. Flotsam Fortnight

    In the last two weeks, we had the chance to work with Mrs Johnston and Mrs Johnson. We have been art and dance. Having the chance, to work with Mrs Johnston and Mrs Johnson was fun. Being, with them really made me to never give up on ANYTHING. Up until two weeks ago, we have been learning about flotsam and our own dance routines.

    Working with Mrs Johnston really made me to learn what flotsam is and what it can be. Flotsam is when something is washed up onto the shore. While, learning about flotsam we decide to draw and paint our own flotsam objects by the helps of Michael Craig Martin and David Weisner. However, it was quite hard.

    We then learnt about Texel and what people do there. In Texel people does beach combing. Beach combing is when people goes onto the beach and collects different things [ eg: letters in a bottle, ropes and other random things.] We decided to write letters in a bottle which, led us going to Meanwood park.

    Imagine a place where, the weather is constantly pouring down onto you where, you had to walk through soggy mud ; that place is where Mr Moore’s class went. The reason we went to Meanwood park is because Jack Hunter wrote an amazing letter so we could throw it into the river/lake. Hopefully, the letter would’ve arrived at a different place our country. When we decided to get back to the parking lot my feet was killing me.

    Working with Mrs Johnson was fun. We had to make our own dance routines to perform in front of our parents!!! We had to think what kind of things we could pretend to be.

    Ending our flotsam fortnight, both Yr4 classes shown our dance routines and we shown our parents our art work too. To be honest I kid of felt sad that our flotsam fortnight was ending.

    By Zain

  15. As the holidays ended and I was off to school on a Monday morning,when I saw Mrs JohnstonI knew were going to do something to do with Art.Excited and curious,I felt excitment rushed though me.

    We were given a sheet of paper I saw that we were going to learn about Flotsam! We’re also learned a dance Mrs Johnson made us work really hard to perform the dance on Friday on the second week . Every day Mr Moore and Mrs Johnston gave us a new challenge to face,every morning we did writing and animation the animation was little bit hard when we have to move the object.

    Texel is were most of the flotsam washes up on the shore of Texel we have been learning about Texel of what it is popular for?How many flotsam museums are they?

    I loved doing finger paintings it was fun using fingers to paint.It was amazing drawing with chalk on a stick.

    The artist who inspired us and Mrs Johnstonwas Michel Craig Martin his idea of Art is to put lots of stuff cramed together in one painting.

    The whole topic as based on the book Flotsam by David Weiserthe reason the book has not got writing because David Weiser wants us to use are imagination of how the camera got to that moment.

    We also went to Meanwood park nearly all the girls were moaning because they were cold or they were scared of bridges.

    It was weird doing Art every day but we got use to it.

  16. The wonderful fortnight was fabulous we learned about flotsam and jetsam we also learned about an artist called Michael Craig Martin

    At first I was a little worried as I was not good at art. But I started good when we started with sorting flotsam I had to work with the girls but we worked brilliantly together.

    After that we did some fingerprints and drew some pictures and edited other peoples brilliant pictures and we drew a realistic eye?!

  17. At school for the past fortnight we got the chance to work with both Mrs Johnstons.
    I had a lot of fun but some things were hard and challenging but now I know things they are less challenging. I hope we get another go.

  18. Working with mr Moore and both Jonstans has been very fun for the last fortnight but it has been hard too.

    We all took some flotsam and I have drawn a phone,spoon,peg,cone and a cork opener.
    Now we hat to colour them in with complimentary colours.

    We all got in to the mini bus and set of to meenwood park .
    Mr Moore said “seat belts on”
    Of we went 2 minutes later we arrived.
    “Of the bus” mr Moore said ok wow time was up time to go to school.

    All of us had a go at drawing bottles the bottles were different shapes and sizes.
    I was scared because I am bad at drawing.
    I was scared,scared because we hate to show each other.

    Some of us took a picture of a bottle in sand and shells and edit it to make it look cool and old.

    In the end I was proud of my work.

  19. The part I liked is Meanwood park because it was amazing.They were very pretty flowers. Most of the girl were moaning but I wasn’t at all.
    The part I didn’t like is it was so cold.

    At dance we were lerning about a dottel so we
    did it about the under woter sea . we even bib it in frunt of the perents.

  20. Flotsam fortnight
    Having a chance to learn about art,acting,flotsam and animation is a great opportunity.Animation was my favourite part of it yet it was difficult.Working with
    Mrs Johnston and Mrs Johnson was a great time.Dancing around in bare feet was not my to thing.
    We were painting in Micheal Craig Martin’s style so we started with the outline then the inside.Learning about flotsam drove me mad but eventually I learnt more and more.It means something that washes up on the sea.

    On Tuesday we went on a trip to Meanwood park.On the way to under the ring road we saw two Deer,I was stunned by them.When the girls arrived some of them moaned.Then we ventured through the trees and approached a stone bridge.Now the girls had to go back and Megan was begging to stay.When it was the end of the week we showed the parents what we did I was proud of myself.

  21. Flotsam Fortnight
    When I first heard the terrifying news of flotsam fortnight I felt rather anxious.
    anxious because I had NO IDEA what flotsam was!

    Annoyed and embarrassed, I walked in 2 HOURS LATE to Ms Jhonstons art room in the wrong school uniform which was not very fun I sat down on the floor with no idea what to do.

    Having the chance to work with Ms Johnston was a great experience.
    the animation and filming was my favourite thing of the fortnight no surprise about that.
    In our animation project our task was to make a stop motion animation with a set theme which was the journey of the bottle which is basically flotsam gently floating across the water and having an adventure.
    My movie was a little bit ambitious due to the fact I used imovie and stop motion.

    Our art was one of my favourites.
    Our style of art was inspired by Michael Craig Martin which is a very artistic type of art.
    The art is drawing everyday items in complimentary colors but we decided to take it a step further and draw flotsam.

    I really enjoyed this fortnight and I hope we can do it again.

  22. In the past 2 weeks we have been learning about flotsam and jetsam.
    flotsam is things that have been washed up from in the sea,for example
    .even a helicopter(wow)

    After 1 hour of work we all went down to the hall to do dance with Mrs Jhonson.
    Dancing in bare feet felt very wired because I have never danced somewhere where the flour is cold.After a few days we preformed in front of our parents with the other year 4 class who were learning about dreams.

    Exited,I was exited because on Tuesday 21st of April we went to Meanwood park to help us learn more about bottles,flotsam and jetsam.
    Jack Hunter write a letter that nearly everybody liked so we used the letter and inserted in side the bottle then we joyfully threw the bottle in the stream.Watching it float was amazing because I had never seen a bottle floating before.
    I felt delighted working with Mrs Johnston.

  23. Thank you Y4DM for your honesty, thanks and reflections of the Flotsam fortnight. There appears to have been immense learning taking place as shared by your confessions of tears,practicing, need for perseverance, experiencing the pit on more than one occasion and the challenges faced. However you have all shown incredible ‘grit’- a combination of passion and perseverance! I am so glad that Laaibah recognises that ‘creativity makes your brain powerful’.

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