Friday 20th May

Hi Y4

Brandon became the newest member of our class this week. Jack, Jack, Jak, Malakhi and Toby have been very kind and helpful by ‘showing him the ropes’ and making him feel at home. This week Y4 has also become home to some rather different creatures: pond snails, leeches and bloodworms. Aleah is very pleased to have their tank so close to her, at least I think that’s what her screams meant. Anyway, I’m sure that our indoor pond will hep the class to learn more about food chains.

Y4 were at their very best during a problem solving task in Maths this week. I asked them to work out how many mermaids, octopi and fish were in a tank. They were told that altogether there were 38 arms, 24 eyes and 8 tails. The children worked really well; sharing ideas, trying out strategies and showing great perseverance. No one was afraid to be ‘in the pit’. Although the task was tough, plenty of children were able to solve the problem. I really enjoyed listening to Ayush and Alex explaining how they found a solution.

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday we found out about what life was like for her and Britain during the late seventies and early eighties. Sorry if anyone has had nightmares from seeing such shocking hairstyles and fashions. We researched music from 1976 – 1985 which also produced some hair raising results (literally). There’s no doubt that my class would rather dance at the disco than pogo with the punks. We made a large birthday card for the Queen which we will show to the school in Assembly on Monday, along with the presentation made by Ben, Alex and Zain. Special thanks to Nishta, Amir, Simrath, Rayah, Alina, Cian and Stella for helping to get everything done on time.

It is difficult to choose a Learner of the Week. So many pupils have made significant progress and shown all the right attitudes. When I asked the children to write about what makes a good learner their responses delighted me.

“Curiosity. Be excited to learn”. Subhaan

“A good learner is always in the pit”. Zain

“Determination”. Ayush

“Convince in your writing”. Domantas

“To learn you must want to be taught”. Hadya

After a lot of thought I have chosen Laaibah. She is now working on her 7x table and she has completed more units of Lexia than anyone this week. Laaibah has given up a lot of break times to make sure that she achieves her targets. Her determination and focus has been very encouraging. I think Laaibah has taken on board what I said about having True Grit.

Next week I will only have four days to get all our work finished before half term because on Wednesday Miss Wright will be taking the class to compete in a multi-sports event. I am so pleased that my class has been chosen to represent the school as a reward for their enthusiasm, good behaviour and effort in every PE lesson. Whilst Miss Wright looks after my class on Wednesday I will be in Barnsley finding out about what we have to do to win the Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders’ Award. From what I know already, it fits in well with our current focus value – compassion. I’ve already witnessed a lot of compassion this week by seeing how keen my class were to take away the pain of some of their friends who had been stung by nettles.

On Friday I will be presenting Gold Book certificates to Briony, Hadya and Ben and firing up the pizza oven for Birkdale House. We probably need to warm up the oven to test it, and I owe the class many, many prizes so perhaps on Thursday we could investigate the chemistry of chapatis and delicacies of dhal.

Have a good weekend

Mr Moore

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