Friday 10th June

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Apparently, most children are terrified when they hear that they are going to learn about fractions. I’ve always known that my class is a bit different but they certainly proved it in their Maths lessons this week. Once the children made the connection with times tables and fractions, they enjoyed taking the learning leap. Seven eighths of my class can now find single and multiple fractions of whole numbers, and three quarters can add mixed fractions.  Please remember that to be ready for Year 5 every child should have instant recall of all multiplication facts to 12 x 12.

On Wednesday Alex went to the Leeds Grammar School to take part in a workshop for Maths magicians. Mrs Reehal told me that he amazed everyone with his superb skills in logical reasoning and problem solving. I wasn’t at all surprised to hear how clever he had been and what superb manners he had displayed. I am so lucky to be in a position where I can encourage children to encourage and pursue their passions and gifts. So despite fierce competition from Rayah, Zain, Nishta, Cian, Ayush, Aleah and Laila, I have chosen Alex to be Learner of the Week. Although he knows more than most, he never acts like he knows it all, and he always wants to know more. His humility and continual thirst for knowledge is a wonderful example to everyone.

With the start of Euro 2016 only minutes away, this week was an opportune time to learn some key skills in Geography. I have been amazed with how quickly my pupils have learned to locate countries on a map of Europe. Laaibah, Domantas, Rayah, Ismail and Cian are able to name and locate almost all of the countries taking part in the Euro 2016 Football Championships.

As Miss Wright was in Robinwood this week on the Y6 Residential visit, I had the chance to teach PE to my class. I found out that Ayush and Alex are excellent cricketers and that Nishta is great at badminton. What pleased me more than anything is how focused the children were and how much fun they were having I’m their lesson.

Our Curry Café was in operation on Thursday afternoon. Thank you so much to Nishta’s mum for the delicious food.  Once again, sharing such delicious food made Golden Time a really special time. Perhaps we should form an ACE Curry Company as well as the ACE Pizza Parlour.

The phrase ‘rain stopped play’ usually refers to a cricket match but today it meant we had to postpone the planned English lesson.  This week we have been learning to write and perform playscripts.  The children have worked in groups to come up with a plot and rehearsals have been fun.  Unfortunately due to the rain, we will have to wait until next week to perform the plays in the amphitheatre near the playground.

Next week will begin in a very exciting way. The Blah, Blah, Blah theatre company are once again working with Y4, this time to make a film to showcase the work that they do in schools.  Although the finished advert will be only 30 seconds long, the filming will last all day. It makes me proud yet humble to think why we have been chosen.  Pride and humility – this is the balance that we will carry on exploring next week as part of our work on Values.

I’ve had my fingers crossed for 5o years now but perhaps this time it might just work. Come on England!

Mr Moore

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