Friday 1st July

Hi everyone

Health Week should be renamed Fun Week.

There have been plenty of smiles on faces of my children this week. A visit from an England footballer (a good one!), a chance to play Bubble football, salsa dance workshop, a walk in the countryside and a skipping workshop all helped to make this one of the healthiest and happiest weeks in Year 4.

Some of the children in my class got the chance to play football with Laura Bassett, a World Cup bronze medal winner. Wow! I wish the men’s team were so successful! Thank you Miss Wright for providing inspiration and keeping us interested in football when we feel like we’ve been let down.


Bubble football is a strange game. The children become the ball by wearing an inflated bubble. The aim of the game is to bounce into other bubble players and knock them over. Rayah was amazing. She sent her classmates flying like they she was 10 pin bowling. I think must have been taking lessons from Pepe, the Portuguese defender.


Even though we weren’t in the classroom on Thursday, the learning in Y4DM didn’t stop. I had a fantastic day entertained by a thousand delightful conversations punctuated by hundreds of moments of fantastic learning about nature, science and life skills. Behaviour was superb and we all had a lot to smile about. Aleah should be smiling most of all. For the past two weeks we have been learning about endurance as part of our work on values. Aleah displayed heaps of endurance by managing to complete the walk. She doubted whether she could, her feet really hurt her but she just kept going. I’m sure that Derek Redmond would be proud of her. I know I am.

I’m looking forward to our next day out – Chester Zoo on Thursday. It will be a long day so we’ll need to be well prepared. We leave at 8:30am and we won’t be back before 7:30pm so we’ll need plenty to eat and to be ready for any weather. If travel sickness may be a problem then please consider buying an anti-nausea wristband.

On Tuesday some teachers will not be in school due to strike action. My Union is not striking so Y4DM should attend as usual, unless of course you are celebrating Eid. I know it could fall on Wednesday and it makes me very happy to have to watch the night sky and wait and see. No wonder my Muslim pupils are so excited!

Our Geography task was more difficult than I expected today. The children were asked to cut out the continents and to arrange them on paper to create a map of the world. Even with the help of atlases and the Internet many children found their work really hard. We discovered that when the world is cut apart it’s not easy to put it back together. Toby, Cian and Jack M along with many others learned a lot about Geography, a great deal about persistence and best of all, how to fight their way out of the ‘pit’.

Learners of the Week are Simrath and Malakhi.

Malakhi  was wonderful company on the walk to Eccup. His sense of humour and his curiosity made the miles fly by. Today he amazed himself by learning a skill that he had never been able to master. Malakhi began the skipping workshop by telling me that he couldn’t skip at all. Within half and hour he had learned so much that he was chosen to demonstrate his skills to the rest of the class. He showed us that he has the qualities of determination and perseverance that will help him to be the best he can be.


Simrath has been chosen to be Learner of the Week for three reasons. Firstly, she always tries to do her best in every subject and every lesson. The second reason is because of her kindness, helpfulness and for the great job she does as one of our School Councilors. Maybe the most important reason is because Simrath hasn’t smiled enough this week. Let’s all make sure we remind her how much we appreciate her.

Have a great weekend but remember – be good, be safe and be here on Monday.

Mr Moore

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