Friday 8th July

What a great week: Pizza Day, Transition Morning, a visit to Chester Zoo and the High Jump. We also managed to complete most of our reading and maths tests, the results of which have really impressed me.

Whilst some of the other classes weren’t in school, we teamed up with Year 5 earlier in the week to design and make healthy pizzas. This wasn’t just an excuse to enjoy some delicious food – honestly. Some children shopped for the ingredients and worked out the cost of an individual pizza, others researched the history of pizza and everyone got a chance to help make a pizza that would help make their diet a bit healthier.

Alex’s maths test is still trying to recover. His score 40 out of 40 made it feel a little awkward and embarrassed. Many other children made me incredibly proud of the progress that they have made this year even if they scored much less than our King of Maths.

Transition morning was interesting. My new class seemed a bit timid. I think they need to read the advice on how to survive Y4 DM provided by my current class. Some excellent words of wisdom were written which seems to boil down to the following: don’t use Caps Lock (it’s lazy), don’t talk when Mr Moore is talking and try not to burp or ….

Anyway, onto Thursday. What a great day we had at Chester Zoo. We owe Miss Nicholson an elephant sized thank you. At the end of the day I was tired, tired but happy. Tired because we walked so far and laughed so much, and happy because of the superb behaviour and great company provided my class and my group in particular. Special thank you for Rayah, Stella, Subhaan, Cian and Malakhi – you made my day.

Although Sports Day was cancelled today, we were still able to do at least part of the High Jump event this afternoon. Laila and Malakhi jumped like they were wearing springs. I think Malakhi was still bouncing from a great day at Chester Zoo but he put his success down to eating too much sugar. Laila admitted that all that time bouncing on her sister’s bed had finally paid off.

Two weeks left. I hope they go very slowly.

Be good, be safe and be here on Monday.

Mr Moore

PS Pictures to follow; the blog is not behaving properly.

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