Friday 22nd July

Ahoy me hearties,

Well done crew. Somehow we kept afloat, avoided the rocks and managed to sail to safe summer shores. It has been a difficult and stormy voyage, through treacherous tides but most of the time our journey has been full of laughter, fun and even a fair bit of learning.

Although we lost a few overboard (Keshaun and Michelle), our new crew members, Caitlyn, Jack M and Brandon, have done a fine job in making their own very special mark on our class.

Thank you so much to every single one of my pirates for making me so proud. I wish I could set sail with you into Year 5 but I have even stranger seas to navigate next year. I have to teach Miss Henstock’s class. You will need to help me get them ‘ship-shape’.

By the way, I am pleased to tell you that Elvis has been chosen to be Learner of the Week. Even though it was just his third day on board, his discipline was excellent and he carried out his duties impeccably.

Sorry about the weird pirate based theme to my writing. I think it’s happened because I’m writing about my treasures.


Captain Moore

PS Be good, be safe and be here in September.

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