Friday 16th September

Hi everyone

After a long and tiring week I was amazed by how much energy my class still had left this afternoon. My music lesson suddenly turned into a disco due to Olivia leading nearly the whole class in dancing and singing to Abba’s Dancing Queen. Only a few children managed to remain in their seats. I think that they were just stunned and bewildered. So my last lesson today didn’t quite go to plan but it was a great way to start the weekend. I might just close the curtains and have a little dance myself.

One of the first lessons of this week was Science. I explained that all materials could be grouped into three categories: solids, liquids and gases. The children realised that I wasn’t quite telling the full truth when I poured ‘slime’ (cornflour mixed with water) into their hands. It is a solid and liquid at the same time: a non-Newtonian liquid, or more simply – a bit weird.


It’s been quite a while since I last did some football coaching but I really enjoyed putting my trainers back on to teach soccer skills to my class this week. The whole class just soaked up everything I said and worked incredibly hard. I was really pleased and very impressed particularly by Daniel.

PE was not the only lesson that Daniel has shone. He is quietly demonstrating the effort and approach to learning that everyone should follow in all lessons. Other stars this week include Maisie and Isaac. They were elected as our School Council representatives this week. Maisie has also earned the most dojo and house points this week. I’m really impressed that the children have made such good choices and Isaac should be especially pleased. He is new to this class so he has clearly made an excellent impression on his fellow pupils.

Thank you to Aaditya, Adwaya, Alexia-Rae, Ashley, Leo, Kai, Matthew, Paarshva, Shams, Sophie and Daniel who are using our Google classroom at home to communicate in a safe online space. Their posts are always positive, respectful and helpful. They are learning important skills on how to behave online and they are making the internet a better place to visit.

On Thursday we carried out the first of our tasks as part of our work towards achieving the Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders award. The goal of the program is to encourage children to develop compassion and to make a difference to the lives of people living in their homes, school, the local community and perhaps even the whole world. We managed to pick over 5 kg of litter from the school grounds in just 35 minutes. It didn’t take long to show that we take our class motto seriously. #Working toward the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

IMG_1653 IMG_1654 IMG_1669

Once again, choosing a Learner of the week has been ridiculously difficult. After a lot of thought I have chosen Maisie. The quality of her work, her determination to do her best and her keenness to learn has been obvious in every single minute of the week. I’ve even caught her smiling and laughing a few times.

English homework books were given out today. Please make sure your child completes the page on nouns before next Wednesday. The spellings for next week are written in daily planners. Maths homework books will be sent home next week.

I hope that parents and carers will be able to attend our welcome to Y4 meeting on Wednesday at 6pm, where I will explain some of the routines and expectations for this year, and I will try to answer any questions they have.

I’m really pleased to announce that the children will be going on a school trip to Rome on Friday. We won’t actually be leaving the classroom but it will feel like we are really there. I have arranged for Google to visit our school in order to give our pupils the chance to use experience learning through virtual reality.

Next week should be more ACE than ever.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Moore




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