Friday 23rd September

Hi everyone

Hopefully your children have found school quite interesting this week. On Monday we used the fire pit to see what happens when materials are heated. Although the children had made popcorn before, I’m sure that this was a new experience for all of them.


Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the meeting on Wednesday night. It was very useful and I enjoyed our conversations and I’m sure that we’ll have a good year together. If you were unable to attend don’t worry, you can contact me with any questions or concerns either after school or via email. Your child should have brought home our newsletter and the Y4 expectations booklet which will give you information about what we will be learning this year.

Please ask your child what they learned from our History lesson this week. I’m a little worried that they had way too much fun applying some amazing computing skills and didn’t focus on why the Roman Emperor Claudius invaded Britain.


Homework for this week: English p5, Maths p6 and spellings. Your child should also complete the Olympic Maths sheet that they are currently working on.

It is our Class Assembly on Wednesday 9:00am. I hope that many parents and relatives will be able to attend. We will be sharing our plans to achieve the Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders Award.

Learner of the Week is Daniel. His attitude and effort has been unmatched this week though I have to say that Leo and Shams are showing that they will be making next week’s choice much harder. I’m always very proud when my pupils are complimented by other teachers so you can imagine how I felt when Mr Magnall told me how much he enjoyed working with Daniel this week. I already knew about his wonderful manners, his attitude and language skills, but I didn’t know that he could be an expert cameraman.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Today we visited the Colosseum, Pantheon, The Barrier reef, the Moon, Angel Falls, the Grand Canyon, the North Pole and San Diego zoo. We didn’t even leave the classroom.

Google Expedition

Have a good weekend

Mr Moore

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