Friday 7th October

Hi Y4

My two picks for Learner of the Week are Charlie and Alexia Rae. Charlie has been showing a very serious attitude to learning this week. He has been listening brilliantly and has tried incredibly hard with all his tasks. Charlie also seems happier and more confident. Alexia Rae has been showing off her excellent writing skills and she too is determined to make progress in all lessons. Once again, it has been very difficult to make up my mind because so many of my class are working really hard and showing that they want to learn and succeed. I could honestly say many positive things about everyone. I’m really pleased that Parents Evening will be here soon.

Adwaya and Aaditya led today’s maths lesson. When they had finished their teaching input, the class gave them a round of applause. I’m feeling a bit jealous.

Our history topic took us to Hadrian’s Wall this week. We pretended to be a Roman legionary stationed on the edge of the Roman Empire, writing a letter home. Sithika, Ashley, Emily, Aisha, Sophie, Shakirah, Isaac, Leo, Paarshva, Melika, Maisie, Camron and Sophie should all be pleased with themselves along with many others. Kai showed that he loves to challenge himself when writing and Daniel’s letter was packed with emotion and utterly moving. When I become Emperor I will grant him his freedom and allow him to return home to Rome.


Keagan’s interest in Science was contagious during our experiment this week. We found out that when candles burn, they go through the process of solid to liquid to gas. We definitely had a ‘wow’ moment when we were able to see a flame ignite the gas surrounding a wick that had just been extinguished. We also know about the dangers of candles. Safety was the most important lesson today.

I’d like to a special thank you to Shams who is consistently making a positive contribution to our Google Classroom. Thanks as well to Ashley, Matthew and Adwaya.

Homework – English p7 and p70, Maths p15 and Olympic times tables. Spellings will be given on Monday.

The annual International Food Café will return on Thursday. I’m sure many of your parents and relatives are very talented cooks so please contribute if you have time. By the way, I particularly love vegetarian Indian food. #justsaying

Be safe, be good and be here on Monday.

Mr Moore

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