Friday 11th November

Hi everyone
This week I’ve spent a lot of time making egg jokes. The children were eggstremely eggcited on Monday when I gave them each an egg to look after. The Value for this week is Love so I thought it would be good to see if St Paul was right about love.
Within 24 hours we had several Humpty Dumpty type incidents and some very sad children. The surviving eggs attended school every day and many children produced some amazing ways to keep their egg safe. Tupperware, bubble wrap and shoe boxes were all used for protection, and some eggs were lucky enough to have their homes furnished with beds, TVs, desks and all kinds of comforts. One or two children were somewhat less protective of their eggs. I nearly trod on Camron’s this morning as it rolled around the classroom floor, and how Keagan’s survived being kept in his glasses case I’ll never know. Anyway, well done to Maisie, Ibran, Shams, Emily, Daniel, Charlie, Adwaya, Aaditiya, Olivia, Alexia Rae, Aisha, Leo, Camron and Keagan for managing to avoid a scrambled egg situation. In fact, well done to the whole class for learning that St Paul was right. Love is patient and Love is kind. We made some word clouds this week to show that we could add to the list. Love is gentle, Love is calm, Love can break your heart and Love never ends.

Word clouds (Thursday November 10, 2016 2-44 pm, GMT)image (1)IMG_9177

We have experienced so many emotions this week. On Monday we held a funeral for one’s of our warriors who had been killed in the battle against the Romans. I was staggered and humbled by how the children responded. All of my pupils were completely engaged in the drama session and showed amazing emotional intelligence. Respect, empathy and sympathy filled the classroom to overflowing. I lost my father during the summer and I had thought that this lesson might be a tricky one for me. Actually, it turned out to be one of the best. As a former teacher, I reckon my dad would be pretty proud of his son’s class.

The quality of writing produced by the class in our Big Write was brilliant and heartbreaking at the same time. Thank you to Melika, Sophie, Kai, Emily and Sithika, and thank you to Isaac, Niall, Shams and Paarshva for making me weep through the power of your words.

“Under the gloomy rain clouds we stood with inconsolable pain and sadness.” Isaac

“I can’t even take a deep breath to calm down. If I had a choice between dying or crying for the rest of my life, I would die.” Shams

“I was so upset that I couldn’t even say any words to this tribe’s biggest hero.” Niall

“Miserable and unbearable pain was upon me when my eye stared at the dead body of my dear friend. I had tried to keep up my spirits but my heart wouldn’t listen.” Paarshva

Learner of the Week is Maisie. I’m cross with myself for not choosing her sooner. There hasn’t been a week, a day, or even a lesson where Maisie hasn’t tried to do her best. However, this week she has been making an eggstra special effort to work as neatly as she can and to spell every word accurately. Her behaviour is always perfect and best of all she has become a more confident and more frequently heard voice in the classroom.
My other choice for Learner of the Week is Matthew. His positive, kind and thoughtful attitude is something that we should appreciate more often and also learn from. I found out how important he is to the class this week when he was off school because of illness. His calm, kind and hugely positive attitude help to make our class a great place to be.

Our Science topic about changes in materials came to an end on Friday. We consolidated our knowledge about how scientists test and prove their ideas. The children tested who had the warmest hands by seeing how quickly they could melt a chocolate button. Lots of fun, learning and some terrible table manners ensued. Most of the class managed to melt the chocolate in milliseconds but apparently it turns out Aaditiya’s hands are ice blocks.

IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1984 IMG_1985 IMG_1986 IMG_1987

Shakirah really impressed me with her Maths work this week. She made really good progress in our lessons on addition using exchange of ones, tens and hundreds. Daniel, Adwaya, Aditiya and Paarshva also displayed marvellous maths by scoring almost full marks in the mental arithmetic test this week.

Homework: English p18 and 19, Maths p9 (or some of your own work on addition with carrying).

My class fell silent at 11 o’clock on Friday as we paid our respects today to those who have died or have been injured in service of our country. Thanks to Mrs Walker for helping us to bake poppy biscuits, which we have sold to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

Have a peaceful and lovely weekend

Mr Moore

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  1. I couldnt help having a little look at what my class is up to while I’m out in Australia. Sounds like they are being as wonderful as ever Mr Moore and some fantastic eggcellent writing. Very proud of you all!

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