Friday 2nd December

Hi everyone

Shams is once again my choice for Learner of the Week. She does at least 5x more homework than anyone else. Of course Shams learns her spellings and completes the pages from her homework books, but she also produces extra work based on what she has been learning during the week.

I have also decided that Aaditya should be Learner of the Week. The news that he will be moving to New Zealand made me think how much we will miss him and reminded me about how hard he tries every single day. He always puts maximum effort into all tasks and never gives up.

Science lessons continue to be both challenging and fun. This week I asked the children to create switch to control a circuit. It proved to be much more difficult than I thought. The children had to test every piece of equipment in their circuit to check that it worked and that everything was linked with not just care but precision. So, well done to Leo and Daniel, Aaditya and Adwaya for being the first to succeed in their mission. Apologies to Sophie and Maisie for not being completely useful when they asked for help. I helped them to find out that you shouldn’t give a bulb too much power or it will explode. I’m pretty sure that’s a lesson that they won’t forget for a while.

D and L AB switchThank you to all my class who having been using the Sumdog website to improve the speed of their mental calculations. Congratulations to Leo who spent most of his Golden Time improving his arithmetic skills. He has answered 693 Maths questions correctly today.

There are only two weeks left before we break for the Christmas holidays. As long as we all work 24 hours a day we should be able to fit everything in that I still want to teach. Next week we will be going to Moortown Baptist Church for the Rewind to Christmas event so please make sure that all permission slips are returned by Tuesday.

Homework for this week: English books p 96 and 97 (homophones) and Maths Books p19 (written subtraction).

Have a great weekend

Mr Moore

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