Friday 6th January

Happy MMXVII everyone! I hope your new year is working out well. Mine has been great so far. Although it was a shock to be back at school so soon after Christmas, I was delighted to see my class again.

The children have been wonderful: their behaviour has been exemplary, as always, and their attitudes to learning and to making progress show me that they want to make this the best year ever.

Chayse and Keagan really impressed me with how serious they are about moving forward. Keagan has downloaded Lexia to use at home and he has made sure that his reading book is in school everyday, and Chayse has shown improved concentration and focus in all subjects.

2017 has begun very well for Aliyah and Faizan as well. They have been worked harder than ever, with even more determination, and they have already made significant steps forward in only a few days.

On Thursday Ibran brought the start of the day to a halt by marching into the classroom with an interactive globe, placing it proudly on a desk, and then starting to teach the class geographical facts about our beautiful and fascinating world. I was so pleased that Ibran knew that he would be allowed to share his excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

Thank you to Matthew for adding evidence to his Young Leaders Award portfolio by bringing in a letter from his mum to say how he’d been helping at home during the holidays. His small steps towards changing the world will become huge strides one day – just wait and see!

Mrs Stott has told me today about how much she enjoys Paarshva and Adwaya’s lunchtime visits to her room. She said that they always have interesting ideas and suggestions about how they can contribute to our school community. Mr Bruce (the Allerton High computing teacher) has also been ‘wowed’ by Adwaya and Paarshva this week. Their ability to learn programming skills so quickly has surprised him (but not me).

It was a pleasure to work with Shakirah and Melika during Maths No Problem lessons this week. Although word problems seemed quite tricky at first, the growth in their confidence and independence was extraordinary and simply wonderful.

I only had to mention that over the next few weeks that we would be starting to monitor how many different birds visit our outdoor area when 24 hours later Isaac and Leo brought books about ornithology to school to share with the class and to help with the learning in Y4.

I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t given more than ever this week. All my pupils have made me proud in some way but I have decided to choose Paarshva to be our Learner of the Week. Every piece of his work shows a high level of achievement, but the progress in his personal targets is what has impressed me most of all this week. His willingness to put others first, his desire to help, his good manners and thoughtfulness are wonderful qualities that he shows abundantly.

Today I asked the class to explain this sentence: Mr Moore had an epiphany on Epiphany. Leo, Ashley, Niall, Kai, Olivia helped to make sense of it but perhaps I should explain – I had a sudden realisation that I still have the best class in school.


Mr Moore


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