Friday 20th January

What a busy week,

An inspection on Thursday,

And lots of great work.


Haiku poetry,

Written using syllables,

Five, seven then five.


The children did well,

Their Elvis haikus are great,

Very clever class.


Wise words from Niall,

All about democracy,

Please read his poster.

Niall democracy

We’ve also found out,

Making Roman mosaics,

Is very hard work.


Thursday inspection

The children made me so proud,

All my colleagues too.


Homework for this week,

Anglo Saxon maths worksheet

Plus 9 x table.


English workbooks too,

Soft c sound page 91,

Spellings on Monday.


Learner of the week,

Was suggested by Sophie,

She said, “Choose Aisha!”


Science next Tuesday,

Should be lots of fun for us,

Making instruments.


I’d better stop now,

Or I’ll start talking like this.

Have a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “Friday 20th January

  1. Thank you mr Moore for the excellent blog and chances to comment and give ideas for our lessons. Oh and can you bring Elvis one day to school! So we can
    Meet your dog for once!☺😊if school allows!

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