Friday 27th January

If you’d like to know what science sounds like, I can tell you. It sounds like gasps of amazement, joyful laughter, screams of shock and excitement, and the noise of brains whirring.

On Tuesday, Sam the Sound of Science man came to visit Y4.

At first it was just another day at school but not for long. As everyone settled down for another day of work Mr. Moore revealed that we would be doing a Sound workshop. Maisie

Today we had a visitor who came into school and his name was Sam. He was on a mission to teach us all about sound. Ashley

For a few minutes he was explaining how sound is made by vibrations, and that day I learned that everything that makes a sound is caused by a vibration. The fun part was when he did some awesome experiments. I was even involved in one. Like Mr. Moore says, ‘involve me and I learn’. Niall

Sam, the visitor, showed the classes some very, very interesting experiments. Despite all the sitting around, he made sure that everybody in the room was fully involved. Sam left us with a lot of knowledge on sound and how we can make musical instruments out of junk that we usually just throw away! It was an unforgettable experience. Daniel

Homework for this week: maths worksheet (find the factors), 12 x table plus English workbook page 84 and 85 (the ‘shun’ sound).

I’m encouraged by how many children are trying to learn their spellings but I think we can do better: 25 tests, 200 words written,162 written correctly. 8 out of 8 this week for Sophie, Shams, Daniel, Melika, Paarshva and Leo.

Learners of the Week in 4DM are Ibran and Daniel. Ibran’s enthusiasm during the Sound workshop was infectious. It was obvious that he enjoyed every moment and learned a great deal. Daniel’s attitude and effort with work impresses me every day but this week two other teachers have reminded me about how lucky I am that he’s in my class.

It would be great if anyone could bring into school any spare planks of wood, lengths of copper or plastic pipe, cardboard boxes, tins and large empty water bottles. Bicycle inner tubes, chopsticks, fishing line and bouncy balls would be welcome too. Next week we hope to make some musical instruments out of junk materials so we can create a ‘rubbish’ orchestra.

On that note …

Have a good weekend.

Mr. Moore

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