Friday 10th February

Hi everyone

So we’re half way through the school year. I suppose we should be called Year 4 and a half now.

It’s been a typical week in Year 4 and a half: too many things to do and not enough time.

Maths Week has been magical. During our Assembly on Monday I was able to show that my powers are still strong by making the answer to a random maths question appear miraculously on my forearm.

More magic was revealed to my class when we discovered that the number four has very special properties. Think of any number. Write it down in words and count the letters. Write down in words and count the letters. Repeat. Eventually the answer will be ‘four’.

I’d love to know if this works in different languages. Please try this at home.

We also explored the magical patterns that occur in our number system.

1 x 9 + 2 = 11

12 x 9 + 3 = 111

123 x 9 + 4 = 1111

Repeat until you say “wow!”

During the House Maths Carousel I taught the children about the Mobius strip. They left my classroom with proof that inside can be outside at the same time. If it sounds confusing, then that’s fine. Your child will explain.

Wednesday came too quickly but I think that our Assembly went well. Not only did we show the rest of the school what we learned about sound and creating instruments from junk materials, we got to explore the meaning of cacophony and dissonance when Mrs. Stott asked us to ‘improvise’ some music using our ‘rubbish instruments’. My ears are still ringing but I’m incredibly proud of how well my class performed.

It’s also been Safer Internet Week. I know how clever my pupils are with computers, but it’s good to remind them about how to protect themselves and to be smart and safe online.

I handed my class over to Miss Linsley for a day this week whilst I worked with staff and pupils throughout school to make a film to celebrate sport at ACE. I missed working with my class but I learned that Allerton pupils are passionate about sport and that Miss Wright makes a massive difference to our school. My time away from my pupils was made even more worthwhile because Miss Linsley really enjoyed being with my class and reminded me to be very proud indeed.

Isaac, Daniel, Faizan, Camron, Matthew, Melika and Shakirah have all really stood out this week for wonderful reasons but Star of the Week is Sithika. He is making excellent progress with learning all times table facts and he is contributing more ideas and answers in lessons, which really pleases me. Sithika is also making sure that his handwriting is as neat as it can be. He is also amazingly good at cutting metal pipes into tubular bells if you should ever need a musical plumber.

I also want to mention Leo. He always notices when I might need a bit of help and he has been amazing this week when I have been a bit busy. His kindness, his manners and his patience are an example to everyone. Pupils like Leo make me not worry about how quickly the holiday will pass us by.

Anyway, please make sure your children don’t miss Year 4 and a half too much by doing heir homework and by keeping in touch on our Google Classroom and blog.

English book pages 32, 33 and 34, and please get your child to learn 12 division facts, and as an extension, find out about and record something the Fibonacci sequence.

Have a good holiday.

Mr Moore

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