Friday 3rd March

Hi everyone

This week’s discoveries: Kai, Leo and Daniel are brilliant at hockey, Shakirah wants to be the best reader in class, Maisie and Sophie are better than art than me, my class can compose powerful poetry in minutes and Camron’s mum is very forgiving.

We’ve been finding out about how Christian’s mark and celebrate Lent. As well as researching what happens in different parts of the world, we have also cooked and eaten pancakes with our favourite toppings. I think Camron enjoyed his too much as he told his mum that my pancakes were better than hers! I guess he’s unlikely to work as a diplomat in the future. Brave but reckless.

During our History lesson, Maisie and Sophie produced superb labeled drawings of an Anglo Saxon village, which then inspired the rest of the class to improve their own work. All the teachers that have visited my room this week have been amazed and delighted by level of detail and care that Maisie and Sophie put into their work.

I spent most of Thursday smiling and laughing at the wonderful costumes that the children wore to celebrate World Book Day. Aliyah was a brilliant Dennis the Menace, Leo’s golden ticket costume was excellent and Paarshva played the part of Augustus Gloop magnificently. He made Mrs. Stott laugh by scoffing chocolate in the middle of the KS2 World Book Day quiz. I think this is called method acting. Well done Paarshva!

During our PE lesson I was really impressed by many children. Melika is a great team player; she never stops trying and she looks for space on the pitch to move into. Kai’s hockey skills are really good. He has great control and always gets his body into the right position to play effectively and skillfully.

I think Shakirah deserves a special mention for working so hard with Lexia. She has chosen to give up some of her playtimes to clock up extra minutes. The Lexia data now tells me that she is likely to make 2 years progress in a single year. Wow! Learner of the Week.

Today my class delighted me with their speed of thought, creativity and passion for justice. We are going to link up with other schools to share work and thoughts on the subject of ‘walls’. After briefly explain the theme of the project to the children, I asked them to research the topic. We then composed a poem as a class to express some of the information and ideas that we had read about. I was staggered by how quickly we produced a powerful poem, which we will record and share on the blog next week. Spoiler alert; my class is not impressed by President Trump.

We are making progress with making sense of division and multiplication word problems. Please encourage your child to draw how to solve the Maths question that I have given as homework so I can see what strategies are being used. English books pages 92 and 93 (‘sh’ and ‘ay’ sound). There will be 7x table test on Monday and Friday but Paarshva and Adwaya should prepare for 7.5 x table tests.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Moore


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