Friday 17th March

Hi everyone

As it has been Science Week I decided I would help Mrs. Girt with teaching my class about the digestive system in a practical way. Just in case you are eating whilst you read this I’ll spare you the ugly details, but all you need to know is that I’m never going to do this lesson again, Maisie is fearless and has a cast iron stomach, and some of us better get used to the idea that we’re never going to become surgeons.

Thankfully, my class has celebrated Science Week in more salubrious ways as well. I was delighted with the research about birds and my pupils are incredibly excited about developing our wildlife area at the back or our classroom. We have made posters about different types of birds, which we have used to cover the windows leaving ‘letterbox size’ gaps so we can watch the birds without disturbing them. Once again, Maisie and Sophie showed us that the best results take time and effort. Their poster is full of information and is beautifully illustrated.

The story of Beowulf seems to have inspired my children to produce some powerful writing.

Some say there is a beast called Grendel. He is the beast that is the night stalker that attacked the Danish hall. I am Beowulf. I will lead 30 men into battle with me to defeat the mighty Grendel. I severed the beast’s arm to claim victory. It was a fearsome battle. – Chayse

We took advantage of the fact that Y5 were busy this afternoon with a Fire Safety workshop; we were able to have an impromptu ukulele lesson with Mr. Mercer. I warned him that my class was made up of some of the most musically gifted children in school but he was still shocked by their knowledge, by how quickly they learned and by how great they sounded. Shams and Ashley amazed Mr. Mercer and even surprised me.

Sumdog is already having an impact on our progress in maths. The 8x table challenges that I assigned really helped to improve scores in the tests. I will be setting more multiplication challenges online over the weekend. Top Sumdogs for this week include Leo, Faizan, Shakirah, Sithika, Matthew, Leo, Adwaya, Paarshva, Aliyah, Daniel, Ibran, Isaac, Eric and Charlie. They have each answered at least 700 questions over the past 7 days. The really interesting bit about Sumdog is that it gathers all the data to work out how proficient the children are in all areas of maths and then sets questions appropriate to their ability. Sumdog identifies where students are struggling, adjusts the level of challenge and so the games help the children to fill gaps in their knowledge.

We’ll be working the 12x table next week so please make sure that your child has instant recall of facts to 12 x 12. English books pages 52 and 53 please (apostrophes), plus the page circled in the mental arithmetic books, which were given out today.

On Tuesday we will be visiting Brodetsky Primary School to work with their children on an inter-faith arts project, and on Wednesday we will be visiting York Museum to learn even more about Roman and Viking Britain.

Learner of the Week is Keagan, not just for huge progress in reading, maths and for improvement in his writing but also as recognition of his wonderfully good manners and kindness and respect towards everyone.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone and have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore


3 thoughts on “Friday 17th March

  1. It sounds like you have had an amazing science week and I hope you all enjoyed it.
    Sophie has told me about the bird posters at home and also some facts about peacocks. All the posters sound amazing and they will look so cool!

    Yr 6

  2. Wow Mr Moore this is really good the fact that I’ve already learnt about it makes it easy I hope they ejoyed learning with Miss Gurt.

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