Friday 24th March

Hi everyone

I must begin by thanking Mrs. Culshaw for organising our trip to York this week. Both Y4 classes were spellbound by the workshop led by the Anglo-Saxon ‘Earl of Northumberland’ whilst learning about how why York had been invaded so many times. The children loved dressing in clothes from different times in York’s history but they enjoyed the battle training best of all. What pleased me most is that the workshop leader said that he had never worked with a group of children who were so well behaved. Well done my legion/tribe/class. Once again I’m proud but not surprised. Despite the rain we had a really enjoyable walk around the ancient street of York. Whatever the weather, the minster and the Shambles are always something special.

Rewind to Tuesday; we spent Tuesday afternoon at Brodetsky primary school working with their children on the Interfaith Arts Project. The children made paper bricks together but more importantly friendships were made. We had a lot of fun and the children laughed and worked together as though differences in religion, race and belief didn’t matter at all. I’m looking forward to meeting up again with Brodetsky in the Summer term when we’ll create a willow wall together at Allerton.

This week our Learner of the Week has done his best to help in every situation. He has tried had to show strong self-control, an abundance of thoughtfulness and consistent determination. I’m sure that he has really tried to make Learner of the Week his title, so well done to Ashley. I am really pleased for you.

We came 6th in the Leeds Sumdog contest. Thank you so much to Eric, Adwaya and Shams for competing so fiercely and successfully but I have to say congratulations to Mr. Kay’s class for winning the competition. Topdogs: for now.

I have to admit that I’m feeling more tired than usual today. Perhaps it’s because of the tremendous battle that Niall and I fought during our PE lesson. Golf skills and psychological toughness was put to the test by both of us but whatever he might say, our golf challenge ended in a draw. Obviously I will seek revenge next week.

English homework for this week is p.68 and 69 (dis and mis), the next test in the mental arithmetic book plus revision of the 3x table.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

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