Friday 21st April

Hi everyone

Our start to the Summer term was very sad. I gave the children the heartbreaking news that Ahmed, one of our Reception pupils, had passed away during the holidays. My pupils responded in the way that I knew they would, by showing great empathy, sympathy, kindness and love.

Although we’ve had a fortnight off and it’s been a shorter week than usual, Y4 have still achieved a lot.

I was really pleased with the creative writing task for this week. We developed a writing model or scaffold, which we then used to write reports about different types of dragons. Keagan used his imagination brilliantly and produced some work of which he should be really proud.

Would you recognise a water dragon? All of them have huge wings, which are translucent. Furthermore they have a cool transparent tail, which stores water for hydration. Water dragons live under the sea, often in shipwrecks where they raise their young. Unlike other dragons, the water dragon does not breathe air, instead it swallows water through its mouth spout. – Keagan

Mr. Bruce (the Allerton High School computing teacher), put our programming powers to the test this week. He produced a series of 8 tasks for us to complete using the BBC microbit. I have to admit that it slowed us down for a while but I’m certain that we’ll be able to finish all the challenges by the time we see him again. To make sure that we are ready we have practiced our reasoning and logical thinking skills using Hour of Code and Model Shop. It was great to see children talking through the steps needed to solve different programming problems. ‘If’, ‘when’, ‘perhaps’, ‘then’, ‘although’. When you hear children talking to each other using these sentence starters, you know that their brains are growing.

Y4 made a flying start to the topic of division of 2 and 3 digit numbers. I was really impressed by how quickly found methods to help them. Aisha made exceptional progress and gained a lot of confidence. Adwaya, Paarshva, Isaac, Eric and Sithika were made to do some serious mathematical thinking when they were asked to work out which number matched a set of division and multiplication clues. They had to investigate the most likely answer by eliminating other possibilities, which meant the children had to work meticulously when recording.

Paarshva was so close to a very special achievement today. He claims he’s really a bowler but during our PE lesson he hit 5 sixes consecutively and was only centimetres (and a good catch) away from the perfect batsman’s over.

Next Wednesday we will be going to Yorkshire CCC in Headingley. We will learn about cricket through Maths, English, Geography and of course through PE. I’m sure that it will be a wonderful day. On our last visit we were lucky enough to see Jonny Bairstow working on his batting technique with Graham Gooch in the indoor school. Somewhere I have I photograph of a hole in a wall, which he made with one of his ridiculously powerful shots. Please bring permission slips and £2 on Monday.

Hello Skye! I’d like to say a huge thank you to Maisie, Sophie, Shams, Melika and everyone else who helped to make our new pupil feel so welcome so soon. Apparently she told her parents that our class is ‘crazy but fun’. I have no idea how she got that impression but I’ll take it as a compliment. I think children learn best when they are smiling.

Thank you very much to the children who completed their holiday homework. I especially enjoyed reading Isaac’s report about the Wobbegong shark. I haven’t been able to think clearly since I read that they can swallow prey bigger than themselves and that their lifespan is unknown.

Homework for this week: 4 and 8 x table, mental arithmetic books and English book page 35 (negatives and correct use of grammar).

Star of the Week is Ahmed. Look up at the night sky on a cloudless night and you might just see him sparkle.

Mr. Moore


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