Friday 28th April

Hi everyone.

If every week is going to be as tiring as this then we’re going to need way more Bank Holidays. Perhaps I’m just getting old but I’m tired. Hopefully my Y4 pupils are even more worn out from doing so much hard work, and also from having such a good time.

Our brains first started hurting when we discovered just how many Harolds were involved in the fight for the English throne. Nevertheless, the children made sense of the complicated end to the age of the Anglo Saxons.

Thank you to Miss Wright for organising our trip to Headingley stadium, the home of the world’s greatest cricket team – Yorkshire! I was really proud of the way that our children behaved. They were simply ACE: polite, patient and positive, and as always, a credit to their school, parents and teachers.

The chunking method of division seems to be very popular with my class. Please ask your child to show you how to solve division problems using times table facts and subtraction skills. Thank you to Daniel and Shams for answering over 800 questions each on Sumdog, and well done to Adwaya for scoring 80% on his Y6 Sumdog assessment.

Today Y4 produced some superb writing about the value of service to others. We worked together on a shared / semi-independent Big Write using a video showing a simple act of great compassion and generosity as the stimulus for our work. I don’t think I’ve seen my children work with greater focus and intent.

Homework for this week: pages 76 – 77 from the English book and the next test in the mental arithmetic books.

I’m very pleased to announce Kai as our Learner of the Week. On Tuesday he represented ACE in a Y6 rugby competition, and, according to Miss Wright, he played brilliantly and fearlessly. Kai’s tremendous writing skills are always an example to others, but he has also shown perfect behaviour, massive enthusiasm for learning and a determination to make constant progress. I’m very proud.

Whilst I write, some of my pupils are settling down to their first night at Herd Farm. I’m not sure that they’ll get any sleep but I know that they’ll have a great time. No doubt they’ll be warm too. Skye and Adwaya brought virtually a whole tree back for tomorrow’s campfire. It was great to see the children having so much fun tonight and I’m sure that they’ll make memories that will last forever. Thank you so much to Miss Wright, Mrs. Cattrall, Miss Chamberlain, Mr. Oglvie and Mrs. Elfilali for having the stamina and youthfulness to give Y4 this wonderful opportunity.

Next week we will begin our arts project with Mrs. Johnston. The focus will be Oscar Wilde’s story of the Selfish Giant. I’m already looking forward to reporting on the inevitability of my class astounding me with their artwork, delighting with their incredible dance moves, and the certainty of them making further giant steps forward with their writing skills.

Mr. Moore


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