Thursday 4th May

Hi everyone.

For the past two and a half days we’ve been working with Mrs. Johnston in the arts studio. In only a short space of time the children have already produced some excellent work in art, dance and all areas of English. Without doubt, many have found some of the activities very challenging, and many have found themselves in ‘the pit’. What a terrific place to be! When we’re in ‘the pit’ you can be certain that some serious learning is going to happen. Having shown Mrs. Johnston some of the ways in which Y4 can start their sentences, hopefully she’ll notice that I’ve used them in this first paragraph.

The highlights so far – Charlie’s attentiveness, Matthew’s quiet kindness, Kai’s dance moves, Eric’s happy feet, Keagan’s imagination, Olivia and Alexia Rae’s determination, Sophie’s creativity, Daniel’s patience, Shakirah’s confidence and Skye for showing that she is an ACE pupil in every way.

Two children have stood out more this week. Aisha has astounded Mrs. J with her perfect behaviour and with her attitude to learning. Her desire to improve and to impress has been relentless. Ashley needs to be saluted for ‘looking in the mirror’ and choosing to shine today.

I’m so pleased that my children have had the chance to show to another teacher why I am so proud of them.

More from Moore tomorrow.

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