Monday 8th May

Today Y4’s first task of the week matched the change in the weather. We began the day with a ‘cold write’ (independent writing with no pre teaching). I asked the class to write letters of complaint to the Selfish Giant in the role of one of children who he had chased out of his garden. Sithika, Camron, Karam, Daniel, Isaac, Aisha, Melika, Maisie and Adwaya have all produced work that I’m sure will please Mrs. Johnston. A special mention is needed for Matthew for including a superb final line in his letter, ‘PS: Come down to our village. We’ve got a therapist.’

The development of art skills through studying the work of Robert Kushner was a prime focus today. Painting and collage activities revealed that we still have a lot to learn about brush control and creativity with mixed media. Fortunately, Sophie was on hand to demonstrate how to be selective and thoughtful when creating a collage, and Daniel was there to show the value of good listening skills, determination and effort.

Learners of the Day: Daniel and Matthew. Pay attention Y4! If you want to know what you should be doing and how you should behave just take your example from these two.

Mr Moore

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