Thursday 11th May

Phew! The Kushner collages are just about complete. Today Mrs. Johnston taught us about how to block print, a technique that has lifted the quality of the work even higher. Joy was the word Mrs. Johnston used to describe the look on Melika’s face when she saw the results of her first block print. Thank you Skye for being the only child that I have ever taught who is actually learning to be tidier when working, though I have to admit that it may not be entirely due to my influence. Well done should also be said to Sophie today. We all know that she is a talented artist and so accepting challenge and acting on advice is never easy when we are asked to aim even higher.

Leo amazed us with his superb cutting skills during the Art lessons today and he and Kai made a great partnership. We were also delighted to see Paarshva and Faizan work so closely together as a team. They were really listening to each other, exchanging ideas and supporting and encouraging each other. It’s an old saying but it’s still true: There’s no ‘I’ in team and Together Everyone Achieves More.

Hopefully my pupils aren’t totally baffled as to why I have used capital letters in strange places in the last sentence, but today they had to really ponder over the way in which they were used in the story of the Selfish Giant. Obviously, Y4 know that capital letters start sentences and all proper nouns, but there was much confusion today when we investigated some key vocabulary from the text. Words like ‘frost’ and ‘hail’ had the temerity to start themselves with a capital letter even though they were all common nouns and weren’t used to start sentences! Thanks to the combined brainpower of Adwaya, Leo, Kai, Isaac, Shams, Ashley and Matthew we managed to figure out that personification was at work. Ask your child if they can spot where I’ve used it in the last few sentences.

Maisie deserves a very special mention today for producing a Kushner inspired picture using Revelation Natural Art software. She patiently watched me demonstrate skills and methods but all the while I think she was secretly thinking, “Let me get on with it. I think I can do better.” After 20 minutes of independent work she had produced an image to prove that I could learn from her.

The Learners of the Day are Leo and Kai. They demonstrated ability and strengths in some key qualities: reasoning, sharing, explaining, creating and performing.

Please try to join us at school tomorrow afternoon from 1:30 when your children will showcase their fabulous fortnight of enrichment in the Arts.

Mr. Moore


2 thoughts on “Thursday 11th May

  1. Thank you 4DM for being incredibly flexible and understanding over the past ‘fortnight’. I am impressed with the progression in skills for so many of you and hope that tints, tones, background, collage, block prints and glitter will be built upon. Just a couple of questions for you to ponder over…
    Why does creativity take courage?
    Does glitter enhance or distract?
    Keep believing!
    Mrs J

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