Friday 12th May

Hey everyone

Celebration was our theme in Y4 today. Our fortnight with Mrs. Johnston culminated in a performance of our Selfish Giant dance and the opportunity to review the fabulous work in English and art that we have produced during such a short space of time. The children also demonstrated some of the reading skills and collage techniques that they had learned. Well done to Ibran, Maisie, Adwaya, Paarshva, Aisha, Sophie and Melika for teaching your mums how to use computers to create stunning artwork. Thank you so much to all the parents and relatives who were able to attend and also to our special guests Miss Allison and Miss Henstock. Miss Allison not only choreographed the brilliant dance routine that the children performed so well, she also stayed to see their artwork and she gave up her own time to hear the children read their writing to her.  As for Miss Henstock, well I tried not to raise an eyebrow when she appeared so unexpectedly but the children didn’t hold back their emotion at all. They greeted her with uncontrollable joy and excitement, and it made a special day even more memorable and wonderful.  I want to also thank Mr. Gilfoyle for attending our performance. He has been at ACE almost as long as me, and so he has seen your children grow since Reception but today he saw them bloom.

Our final piece of writing for the week was a letter of apology from the Selfish Giant. Too many children to mention excelled but the quality of Chayse’s, Keagan’s and Aisha’s work was beyond anything that they have achieved previously. I am immensely proud of their efforts.

Keagan is my Learner of the Day. From the moment he stepped into school this morning he looked like he was ready to conquer the world! I have never seen him show such fierce concentration and determination. He showed that he really understands what Mrs. Johnston has told us all week – progress and learning doesn’t just happen, we have to really want it.

Every single child in my class has given more than ever over the past fortnight but no one has matched the effort and attitude shown by Aisha. Impeccable behaviour plus a burning desire to succeed. I’ve never seen her smile so much. Mrs. Johnston and I are both immeasurably proud.

Apart from Sumdog, Lexia and Reading Eggspress challenges, the only homework for this weekend is to reflect on what a great week we’ve had and all that we have learned.

I’ve saved my most important words for my last sentence.

Mrs. Johnston, you make us ACE

Mr. Moore

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