Friday 19th May

Hi everyone

This afternoon, Y5 were busy learning about fire safety so Y4 were able to take their music lesson. Mr. Mercer taught us how to play the Katy Perry song ‘Firework’ , which we learned very quickly. Ashley, Shams, Ibran Kai, Skye, Leo and too many more to mention showed incredible talent and enthusiasm for this music.

Our class novel, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, is proving to be very popular. The children have really enjoyed reading the first two chapters and I have enjoyed asking them philosophical questions about what Charlotte did. Niall’s answers would suggest that he’s on a mission to rid the world from injustice.

Mr. Bruce gave us quite a challenge at Allerton High School on Thursday afternoon.   He asked us to compile a script for the BBC microbit which would alert us when a goal by setting off a buzzer. The children had to write and download the program to the microbit, and then attach wires to connect it to a model of a football net and posts.

Paarshva has been on top form this week. His attitude has been exceptional. Not only has he tried to do his best in every subject, he has also encouraged all his classmates to do their best by supporting, encouraging and helping them with their work at every opportunity. Perhaps what pleases me most of all is that Paarshva has been really happy, and he has proved that service to others feeds our soul and ennobles us. 1st Learner of the Week.

According to Miss Wright we have some talented cricketers in our class. I knew about Paarshva, Leo, Adwaya, Sithika and Matthew but apparently we have plenty more. Skye, Eric, Chayse, Sophie and Kai were also brilliant today. Having already taught an England footballer, my ambition is to teach an England cricketer. It will happen.

Whilst on the subject of sport, I must say how pleased I am with Aisha, Keagan and Faizan who represented ACE so well in a multi-sports competition. Of course they showed great sporting talent and came home with medals, but I want to mention how especially proud I am of Faizan. Apparently, he noticed that a child for a different school was really struggling to understand the rules of some of the games, so he went out of his way to be a mentor to her, and helped her to take part and to really enjoy the day. Thank you Faizan. 2nd Learner of the Week.

Sumdog superstars: Daniel, Charlie, Eric, Keagan, Leo, Karam and Shams. In the past seven days Daniel has answered 2004 questions with 94% accuracy. Thank you to Maisie for working on Sumdog today even though she was too poorly to be at school. Well done also to Adwaya for making the Y6 children sit a little less comfortably in their Maths lessons. Miss Judge is very pleased with the new addition to her class.

Homework: mental arithmetic books, line graphs worksheet and adverbs worksheet. I’ll post the spellings to Google classroom tonight and print out copies on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

Mr. Moore


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