Friday 23rd June

Hi everyone

A list of things that have impressed me this week: Adwaya’s drive and determination, Shakirah’s positive attitude, Chayse’s focus, Paarshva’s thoughtfulness, Isaac’s leadership, Ashley’s courtesy, Sophie’s creativity, Camron’s energy, Keagan’s strength, Matthew’s cheerfulness, Charlie’s independence, Aliyah’s persistence, Niah’s adaptability, Karam’s confidence, Melika’s effort, Skye’s optimism and Leo‘s commitment to ACE.

Despite ridiculously strong competition I have chosen Daniel and Maisie to be the Learners of the Week. They have both proven how clever they are by the impressive scores that they achieved on their assessments this week, but what really made me smile were their prayers for Y6, and their reflections on the value of endurance. Maisie and Daniel’s words showed maturity, empathy, strength and a beautiful measure of grace. Unfortunately, what they wrote must remain top secret until the Leaver’s Service for Y6.

One of the highlights of this week was an impromptu DT lesson. Having become very tired of the children making a bigger mess than me, I asked my pupils to make stationery organisers to try to get to grips with a problem that always seems to afflict my class more than any other. Their finished work made me laugh, cry, and shout with pride and just a little despair, but it displayed their unique and precious personalities perfectly.

I was encouraged by how many more children have completed the homework tasks for last week. The new spellings are on our Google classroom (I will print them out on Monday if needed), we are revising ordering and converting decimal numbers in Maths, and your child should have two worksheets about synonyms.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore


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