Friday 30th June

Hi everyone.

On Monday, it was Eid (Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends). Due to Eid, many people weren’t here including me so let’s skip to Tuesday. Shams

We did homophone work in the morning and then some Lexia and Sumdog Spelling. Charlie

Our maths topic has been fractions and decimals. About ¾ of the class worked hard. Sophie

On Wednesday we did some Spanish with Mrs. Culshaw. Eric

My favourite part of the week was when we learned about parts of the body in Spanish. Ibran

Yesterday we did Sports Day practice with 5LM, which didn’t end well, but at least we got it in. Leo

We jumped, skipped, threw, jumped and hopped our way through the course. There was definitely mud, sweat and tears. Maisie

As the Summer Fair is today we have been using our fundraising minds to earn money by making games and stalls. We have finalized ‘Thump the Trump’ and ‘Throw the plane’. Paarshva

I had a lot of challenges in Maths but I didn’t give up. Melika

I think that I’m impressed by my work, oh, sorry, some of my work. Olivia

What I liked best about this week are all the challenges that I faced. Ashley

This week Mr. Moore has put so much effort in so I give him full gratitude. Niall

In my opinion the Learners of the Week are Isaac because of his independence and maturity, and Melika because of her humility and concentration. Daniel

I think Learner of the Week should be Niah because she has settled in so well, even with the madness. Sophie

I don’t think that anyone has worked as hard as Daniel and Paarshva. They deserve to be Learners of the Week. Sithika

For our spelling test this week, we went onto Kahoot, a skill we picked up in Allerton High. Matthew has proven himself as the king of spelling by coming first on Kahoot. Adwaya

The thing I liked most today was doing spellings because it shows you hard words. Karam

Homework: Maths p.32 and 33 (fractions of amounts), spellings, Lexia, Sumdog and the English worksheet about speech marks. Mr Moore

See ya! Matthew

2 thoughts on “Friday 30th June

  1. Well done class and thank you Mr.Moore for all the hard work you put in to make us.I fully appreciate all your efforts.
    Have a nice weekend everybody!

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