Y4 DM Friday 7th July

Hi everyone

I predict an early night for most Y4 children tonight. They are used to having aching brains, but today quite a few have tired legs and feet. What for me was a 7-mile saunter to Eccup and back, appeared to be more like an endless march to the moon for many of the class. I think we should have more walks in the countryside, and not just to develop physical health. Although we spent only a short time at school today, I’m sure that plenty of learning still happened.

Pinecones, nettles, raspberries, wheat, chamomile, cows, horses, stiles, meadows, water supplies and reservoirs all provided wonderful opportunities to teach vocabulary, pass on knowledge, to connect and to discover. We also learned a lot about determination and endurance. I’m pretty sure that your child will be keen to tell me that they met Elvis today. The King was wonderful with his adoring fans and behaved impeccably. Thank you so much to Karam’s mum and Niah’s mum for accompanying us, and for making sure we had a safe and enjoyable day. Huge thanks as well to Mrs. Willis for organising everything and for helping to make today a day that many children will remember for a long time.


Significant learning has also taken place in the classroom of course. I am very impressed with the development in comprehension skills, the progress with dividing by 10 and 100, and the fabulously intelligent thinking that my class displayed when we learned about ‘change’. Although change is inevitable and inescapable, I hope my class took home the message that we should appreciate every moment that we are given. We created a ‘wow’ moment by making paper lotus flowers, which ‘magically’ blossomed when they were placed upon a surface of water.

On Thursday afternoon we learned that some of my class are equipped with springs or wings. I’m fairly sure that Keagan, Niall, Niah, Leo and Kai actually flew during the KS2 High Jump competition.

One of the most important highlights of the week has been raising £88 in two days for the charities we have chosen to support as part of our work towards earning the Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders’ Award. The children have decided that we will give donations to St. Gemma’s Hospice, The International Red Cross/Crescent, The Alzheimer’s Society, and The Dogs’ Trust. Thank you to Mrs. Walker for giving more that she should to make this happen. Our fundraising efforts will continue next week, and we will try even harder on our mission to make the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

Learners of the Week are very hard to choose. Ashley has been encouraging others with his excellent behaviour and helpfulness, Camron showed resilience when putting up with painful toothache on the Eccup trek, Adwaya continues to demonstrate that his thirst for Maths knowledge still cannot be quenched, Shams and Olivia have reminded us that homework makes a big difference, and Niah’s enthusiasm for Lexia is just wonderful. However, I have chosen Karam for showing a more confident attitude and for contributing more to our online classroom and to our actual classroom. Keep connecting Karam! I have also chosen Ibran. I don’t tell him often enough how clever he is, and how much I appreciate his kindness and his lovely sense of humour. Thank you Ibran.

Homework tasks will be issued on Monday but until then please make sure that your child has learned this week’s spellings, and try to encourage them to complete the Sumdog Spelling and Sumdog Maths challenges that I have set.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

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  1. I hope everyone had a great time on the walk and a special thanks to Mr Moore for putting up with all the moaning.

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